"Where do you get a moral compass from if you don't have a god?"

I've been lurking around youtube tonight and found this lovely lady. She is incredibly ignorant. I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss our moral compasses, and how diverse our views really are. For example, I am an atheist, an animal rights activist (and vegan), a secularist,  among other things.  While my brother, who is also an atheist, has some pretty opposite views; he fishes and hunts, he's in the army (I don't agree with the war for MANY reasons, but I'm not going to get into that), as well as other things. 

Out of all the stupid, ignorant, and hypocritical things said by theists, this is the one that gets me the most. It's absurd to think that you need some higher power to guide you and tell you what is right from wrong. I actually got into an argument with a classmate about this, who is a crazy christian. I asked her what good she has done for our community or our world, she replied telling me how her and her mom raise money for their church. She reciprocated the question, and I gleefully answered telling her of the hundreds of hours of volunteering I've put into numerous charities and organisations. She was in shock, and needless to say she learned something new about atheists that day.

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"Where do you get a moral compass from if you don't have a god?"


As to where it comes from, that I cannot answer, but I am atheist and have a very storng moral compass. I always try to be nice, polite, and courteous to others and do the "right" things. It's just part of me, I guess. It doesn't feel right and makes me unhappy if I am mean to others, and I feel the same way about others.

I got mine at REI.


Mine came in a box of cracker jacks, that one broke so now I use the one on my red rider bb gun.

This is a very common topic here (and justly so!).  On my "to do" list for my blog is to answer the question, at least for myself.

Hahaha! Ask the priests, nuns, and ministers who have committed child sexual, physical, and psychological abuse as well as even murder. Just Google "priest committed murder" and be amazed!

from me because that's the only place it can originate....and since I'm a simple person, with simple logic, I'd say if I consciously did destructive things, as an atheist, I'd be up shit's creek because who can I go to for forgiveness? And if I didn't need forgiveness, then I'd be a socio or psychopath and my reality would be different.

"if I consciously did destructive things, as an atheist, I'd be up shit's creek because who can I go to for forgiveness?"

The people you harmed by your actions.

they may say they forgive me because of their moral compass...but chances are it will be rhetorical..

Well, that would be for them to deal with if that were the case. If they say they forgive you, then that should be sufficient to feel forgiven.

You're never truly forgiven until you forgive yourself. This isn't to downplay the forgiveness of others.



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