To make a long story short, I was at a cook out for this all-star high school football game I got accepted for, and the guy speaking to us at the cook out made a speach on why we are all here then said "Now let us bow our heads in prayer."....Like he knew EVERYONE was a Christian, Catholic, ect. So what Im asking is, why do people think that everyone is religious and ask the whole crowd to pray? Do they not think that it may insult someone or that some people may not be religious? Also when that does happen, why do people give you the evil eye when they see you not praying, but just sitting there starring at the wall? (Like I was doing). So could someone help me out and give me some advice on what I should do when this happens on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other family gatherings?

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"Do they not think" No, they don't.

Don't go out of your way to offend.  You won't change their minds because they are closed.  I try to remember that for them, it might be the only way they can handle life.  Take the high road and if they give you the hairy eyeball, just smile back at them.  Lead by example.  Be tolerant but remain true to yourself.  You have the courage to think independently.  You are to be congratulated for that. 

When I was younger and had something to loose,  I played the game a bit.  Now that I am older,  I look around and guess what,  lots of times there are others like me, smirking and just enjoying the show. 

Haha I went for a cornerback, but I did get 2 interceptions and ran one back for a TD! I would like to see god do that!
I've taken to doing things such as speaking the pledge of allegiance as loudly as I can without screaming it, then being silent during the "under God" bit so that my overly loud voice is obviously missed during the offensive phrase, and rejoins audibly at "indivisible". I never bow my head during prayers, but examine my manicure, scratch any irritating itches, or, as Reggie suggested, scan the area for other non-praying heathen. I respect their right to fantasize that some big daddy in the sky is actually listening to them but fully expect them to respect my right to roll my eyes and be bored while they yammer to thin air.
Hahahahahaha! I might start doing what you do during the pledge of allegiance, thats so funny!
Get used to it. I always would just kind of stare at the ground like a child that had been scolded because that was kind of what it felt like. You can decide if you want to go against the grain and be a prick, which is loads of fun a times, or you can just keep quiet and laugh to yourself.
Smile! Your havin a great time and the person giving you the dirty look is pissed off. "How can you give me a dirty look when your not bowing your head?" Great question to ask

Your response should depend on the context. Is the goodwill of these people important to you? Is their ill will dangerous? How important is that football spot to you? Are you willing to make a stand over it?

I'd say look at the people around you. If it's a friend you can talk to about it, you can politely decline to pray and point out the error of their assumption. If you're willing to risk your place on the team, you can stand while everyone is praying and denounce it as an abuse of the First Amendment. (Public school, yes?) If it's a family dinner and you don't want to offend granny, just quietly bow your head and plan the quickest way to grab a turkey leg before Uncle Joe & the dog get them.

Yea all the school attending the all-star game were public schools. There are all of thing I should've done but oh well, nothing I can do about it now.
Oh, there will be opportunities in the future. Again & again & again... Plenty of time to prepare your response for the next time.
Very true.
Just be proud of yourself and stick to your guns.  Deep down, most of these people know you are right and that they are going nowhere after they die.


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