you are a peice of shit mother fucking cocksucker --and when you die you will indeed go to
HELL. dont post no bullshit about athiests and why there is no god. how the fuck you think the
world was created? all of a sudden 1day there was a big bang..and BOOM there was a
world??? you stupid faggot ---who created everything? where is it all
coming from? answer these questions and I might conform to atheism. BITCH!

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I love how these god-fearing Christians are so loving.
I was a Christian for 18 years, and it's largely due to hypocrites like this that I woke up.

No, I won't go to hell. I'll die. That's it.
We don't believe ANYTHING happened in '1day'. That's what YOU believe, remember? 4000 years and all that nonsense.
We don't have to explain *everything* because it's irrelevant. Again, YOU are the one who tries to explain "who created everything".
I doubt whoever wrote this wonderful example of how not to write a debate piece will read my response, but it sure feels good to type it out anyways.

... BITCH!
I got sooo much out of that letter.
Wow, apparently the only people who disagree with this fellow are homosexuals. And here I thought that homosexuals were the way they were because they liked people of the same sex! Now I know that they are that way because they disagree with this joker.

I also had no idea that I was a stupid faggot. WOW, what a revalation.

Seriously, your hate message of Jesus is not affecting anyone here for anything but laughs.
you wanna take this outside???? or do you just want to call out a community of members a bunch of names that just confirms what we feel about you all anyway...thanks for fighting our battle for're a brilliant christian....
If Christ were here today there is one thing he would not be, a christian.
If there is a hell people like him/her help prove my point that I would rather burn with honest loving people than those who "pretend" to preach and live by love, honor, and respect. What christ like behavior, although they do spill the vile of god though, with that much hate and anger. Maybe mommy didn't give enough hugs?? Poor thing someone get him his blankie and a science book.
You had me at "mother fucking cocksucker!" : )

Anyway, this is an a priori argument. How does one conform to a nonbelief??
thanks for the enlightening letter!

Guys, i think we should do as he says...
i don't want to end up a cocksucker in hell

I have questions, and you have answers, but I don't know your answers, because I've never even put so much as a shred of effort into attempting to understand atheism before dismissing it, so I'm going to assume you don't even have answers and thus prove God exists by the fact that I don't have answers to my questions, and there obviously can't be any other answer than God. Check and mate, sir. Also, excessive name-calling, because that's what Jesus would want me to do.


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A fun test for all you ex-Christians

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