you are a peice of shit mother fucking cocksucker --and when you die you will indeed go to
HELL. dont post no bullshit about athiests and why there is no god. how the fuck you think the
world was created? all of a sudden 1day there was a big bang..and BOOM there was a
world??? you stupid faggot ---who created everything? where is it all
coming from? answer these questions and I might conform to atheism. BITCH!

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Oh noes! I quake in fear at your words! Please educate my weak faggot bitch mind, sir! I don't want to go to hell! You are obviously a very smart, sensible person, and a model Christian!

If I beg at your feet, will you deliver me from evil?!
Well put Greg. ;-) This site is worth the price of admission for the Hate Mail alone...
I couldn't agree more!
haha! Couldn't have said it better myself :)
I think he was just pissed because he missed the Palin 2012 rally ... oops, did I just say that
I'm just amused that this person thinks cocksucker is an insult. I would think all men out there are really quite grateful for all the cocksuckers also out there. \o/

Also, doesn't science fairly adequately answer where it all is coming from, and how the fuck we think the world was created? And if there's one thing that can be said of atheists as a group, it's that they really are quite non-conformist.
I wouldn't say that it was a solved problem. We don't really know why there was a big bang or exactly how it was at the moment of "creation." Nevertheless, not knowing is not an excuse to assume god did it. A lack of evidence is just that. God does not win by default, as Dawkins puts it.
If you were serious, I would call you a Goat, and a Bad Shepard. And maybe thou wouldst get it, or not. I would also tell you that there will be "Christians" in Hell. They are the ones who forgot the Book of James.

There are Christians who morphed into Pharisees: Grace is secondary, the Law is Absolute. They have made justice mechanical, devoid of human sympathy (Three Strikes Laws)... They say abortion is wrong, but love their tax money and their money-loving-party-more than hungry children in America, children in America need health care, but that isn't the Government's job.

And for a people who thump on how Christian our Founders where, who can read those Founding Documents, I have three phrases for you to think about when you say "Feeding the poor is not the Government's role"...
'We the People of the United States of America' | 'We hold these Truths to be Self-Evident' | 'that the Government of the people, by the people, for the people...'

Feeding the poor is not my / yours / our role
lol "BITCH!" hahaha anyone else think this guy is sitting at his computer in a wife beater? haha
one, your mother says wash your mouth out with soap.
2, cos we can
3. yes, boom, hey the universe.
4. faggot? is that some new ice cream?
5. no one did, it evolved.
6. it came from the big bang. where do you come from? omg, a big bang too!!
7. i did
8. great you are now a atheist
9. Female dog, i have a few of them. thank you for including them in your post
ummm..... ok? xD i have no comment for this dude... xD except to show my middle finger =P


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