you are a peice of shit mother fucking cocksucker --and when you die you will indeed go to
HELL. dont post no bullshit about athiests and why there is no god. how the fuck you think the
world was created? all of a sudden 1day there was a big bang..and BOOM there was a
world??? you stupid faggot ---who created everything? where is it all
coming from? answer these questions and I might conform to atheism. BITCH!

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From now on all of my statements will end with the word "bitch" in all caps and an exclamation mark at the end to show that I'm serious. BITCH!
This has to be the most entertaining and fun part of your whole site Morgan; for this part alone I thank you for all your trouble. The phrase "hoisted on their own petard" constantly comes to mind as I read through these hilarious attempts at insult and reason. Thank you for the fun.
What are 5 year olds writing you these letters Morgan?
Another thing I like about atheists. We can form grammatically correct sentences.
Right... right, and the world being created by an invisible man that sneezed and made man, then took the rib of the man and made a woman from that TOTALLY makes sense...
I've just posted a reply to this guy on another blog, and then come across this one. Is he for real? Or is it someone out there trying to spark a debate? I thought I was being 'diplomatic' in my other post - but I now realise that diplomacy and reason should be left at the door when dealing with him. Let him have it, guys - both barrels!
If "He" created another human from Adam's rib, wouldn't he have created another Adam given the laws of genetics? :-)
valid point. +1
Not quite. Given that the rib has a full genome (not just have of the DNA like sperm or an egg), there would be an X and a Y chromosome, so theoretically two X chromosomes could have been extracted to make a female genome.
Has this guy not seen doctor who... the doctor shows how the earth was created.... duh.... lol ok if he doesn't know its the first episode of season 3 how it all happened was explained wow big bang

even when i was christian.... none of that made since evolution has always made since
no comment dude.. bitch
Interesting that this guy is god-fearing but he's a rabid homophobe. I'm no theologian, but I've heard "Jesus" preached tolerance of all. Gotta love selective religious practice...


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