When you decided you didn't believe in god, how did your life change? What, or who, did you lose? Did anything really change for you?

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I became a full-on Atheist towards the end of 2010. I have lost numerous (so-called) 'friends' over it, I have been stabbed in the back by basically everyone I know over it (including some family)... All over my opinion. 

However, I have made a great many gains as well... My wife is also an Atheist, as are some of my closest friends.  

Any of you guys go through anything? 

That's messed up. You needed better friends. As a lot of people here will attest, you are extremely lucky to have a significant other who is a free thinker.

Sadly, I was a sociopath, so went through it all rather untroubled. Except, come to think of it, I lived with a friend and his family for a little while, and there was some tension when his father expected me to go to church... I was a fledgling then, and remember getting red in the face.

Oh yeah, man. I'm very fortunate to have the atheist wife. :) 

For real, are you (still?) a sociopath? How do you make choices that for non-sociopaths would be influenced by ethics? If you're not kidding, kudos to you for actually admitting it.

Not really, I was exaggerating. I feel guilt.

I'm sorry that happened to you . I grew up in the seventies and eighties , raised by parents who were educated freethinkers . Religion never played any part in our lives , other than being fodder for ridicule . My parents instilled in me a deep appreciation for humanism and human accomplishment and exceptionalism . These were the things I was raised to admire and emulate , not some ridiculous , Bronze Age , primitive , regional tribal god who gives people boils as a punishment . Absolutely ridiculous !

I wonder how they don't see it, man.

I lost my mother, but that was no big loss as she is a very selfish and destructive force.  I always felt that it was coming and that was just the topic at hand, though.  So my one loss was a big win.  The construct that all mothers are good is even more ridiculous than the idea of a benevolent being who doesn't do anything but watch NFL.   So I never really went through anything. It's been nearly 15 years for me and other than suffering the ridiculous words that people say about our cohort, I've never suffered a lick.  My wife became Atheist not long after I did and most of my friends didn't really have much faith.

Over time, I've gravitated towards the full on atheists I know.   And even more so the skeptics.

There aren't enough of them (free-thinkers) where I live. I've got a couple friends who aren't 'religious', but only myself and maybe two others are full-on Atheist. 

That's why I'm here

Just means I wasn't really educated about it, or vocal about it, at that point, so I just said 'I guess I'm Atheist'. 

I consider 'full-on' to be someone who doesn't believe in god, not even a little, and can be vocal about it and also defend their point in debate. 

can you link the blog? 

My relationship with family totally deteriorated.  I just couldn't look at them the same way anymore - they were obstinately delusional.

It's hard to say what changed for me though since I lost my faith between the ages of 13 and about 23; so many things were changing that it's difficult to say what impact my lack of religiousity had.



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