When thinking rationally about it, isn't it truly strange that anyone would care if we are athiests or not?

Isn't the point in life, non-religiously speaking, to be kind to others, take care of who you decide is your family, try to make your time here worth having been lived? I simply don't understand why people who are so boisterous about their religion being the basis of their morality decide to spend that time behaving so immorally by trashing anyone who doesn't believe the same way they do. No matter what sect of the religious pie chart a religionist is, it is all part of the big circle (pie chart) of hypocrisy. It is so much better being on the outside looking in at that, as opposed to beinig a piece of the pie!

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Unfortunately, part of their religion is to ostracize (and in the case of Christianity at least, convert) those who believe differently than they do. And, in the case of people who honestly believe that anyone who is not 'saved' will be tortured for all eternity, the moral thing to do is to try and prevent those people from such a horrific fate. Their actions are based on poor reasoning and bad assumptions, but it is at least understandable. It's the ones that gloat about how atheists (and non-Christians, or Christians of the wrong sect) are going to suffer which are really immoral.
I used to think a lot of things about life and society were odd. For awhile, I thought something was wrong with me. I eventually wised up to the truth.
Being new to the site, if my wanderings seem old to some, I apologize in advance. I appreciate all of your musings on my thoughts.
Religion acts on its dogma which never changes over the years. But in reality morality is relative what was good then could be bad now and also based on the circumstances that decide if an action is good or bad. Any Dogmatic principle for Good or Bad is a terrible idea for humanity. Hence it is better to be skeptic. It is also seen the over the years the religious hypocrisy increases because they just can practice Iron age rules in a modern secular society as that would be genocidal. So It does matter we have to educate people to think to ensure the continuity of our species.
Well said Becky, My thoughts exactly bult do not believe in an imaginary being I just need proof not stories that have come thru the ages. When humans become like human beings should be and all religions and non religions live together in harmony then we do not need to believe in a god but in human beings.
Well...nobody ever accused ANY "godly" folks of thinking "rationally," did they? Don't forget, they were commanded to go out and preach/recruit! I suspect that a happy atheist/agnostic is akin to the proverbial red flag in a bull pen.
I know this happy athiest is...and living in Texas, there's a "bull's eye" on us when we do!
We're ALMOST the last group it's OK to HATE! Slowly but steadily, homosexuals are coming into a certain kind of legitimacy. This leave only US to hate--and the godly have always wanted a "them" to hate. How else would they feel superior?

I'll know we're mainstream the day an atheist is elected President of the U.S.
Of course...you're right. (Imagine how awful it would be to live in THAT "closet?" "God bless(ing) America" every damned day? ACK!)
Forgive the "french" but what the fuck is there to hate about us???? Other than the lack of control "they" have over our morality! Love them folks...
Well...my opinion is that they HATE the fact that WE live unemcombered with their moral systems.


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