Alright, so a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend of mine in class. And we began to talk about religion. Now I'm far from the kind of person that likes to showcase my views on things, But I told him I was an Atheist. He Actually didn't believe me at first, and said that people have to take a oath to become an atheist. We literally argued about this for 5 whole minutes before I finally said lets go to an computer and get google the definition. after I showed him what atheism actually is, He still retained doubt. I just said forget it, and ended the conversation on it there. 


What I'm asking is how long will people remain that ignorant on atheism. It's not like he's dumb when it comes to other topics. He says He's a christian and he never even read the bible. And when I told him and another friend I read it They Laughed. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention one of the guys laughing has a tattoo that says "blessed" on his chest. And he never read the bible. That's just stupid to me, But I kinda want to know what other people think about this.

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It's just a question as the person I replied to made a comment about some guy's cowboy hat! Look at the previous comments page.

See my pic, think of that post as more opportunistic. I wear a cowboy hat occasionally, and funny enough don't fit that stereotype. Oh, and it wasn't in reply to you but the previous post.  The stereotype is that it would be some backwoods hick that doesn't know how to think for themselves I guess.  Same reason every Texan you see on TV talks like a toothless, uneducated hillbilly.

Well, I confess, I am accomplished in my field - and yes, based on IQ and standardized testing, my scores have consistently corresponded to what essentially equates to the top 1-5% of the American public.  But that is not really relevant, even though you raised the questions.

I have read the bible- several times.  Let's get right to the heart of it - there is nothing beautiful about human sacrifice - no matter how you try to sugar coat it with talk of redemption, salvation, etc.  And you can't default to the New Testament- Jesus himself said he did not come to abolish the (horrific, barbaric, primitive) law.  Nor can you escape the reality that Jesus wasn't all that nice to non-Jews. 

Face it, the bible is morally reprehensible - so, how about you put that old bible away and move on - you will be fine if you put that imaginary friend in the sky behind you, along with the mythology, superstition, and magical thinking that comes with him.

For Colt.....Ok I will say I've read the bible and I will not say it is beautiful.  While there may be be a few good messages in there I think children should learn their morals from their parents and not the bible.  I also would like to know where you found historical fact that Jesus actually lived let alone crucified etc.. As far as the gospels go no one even knows who actually wrote them.  They weren't know as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John until late 2nd century.  Plus over half of the new testament is made up of Pauls letters. These letters from a man who converted only after having a vision and who talks of jesus in a spiritual sense. Plus most of his letters have been proven fake by many bible experts.  

GURGH?! I've read the bible, its not beautiful, its quite profoundly evil, its about a bloke in the sky who wants to control your mind and insists that you love him no matter what, even if you have to prove it by sacrificing your own child (I know he didn't, but he had to prove that he would, oozes love that don't it?). Your challenge is pathetic. Religion outnumbers atheism because it was founded thousands of years ago before we had access to scientific knowledge, you know, when our foreheads protruded further than our noses, from that point on it was bled through society and civilisation as the only possible answer BECAUSE THERE WAS NO SCIENCE. Anyway, enough, one last thing, please supply your historical evidence that someone called Jesus Christ actually existed, oh, and do please also supply the evidence that the earth did quake at his death. Hilarious.

To say that we (the United States) was founded on Christian principles would imply that the founding fathers were basically Christians as we understand the term today. But they were Deists for the most part. They believed that God made the world then went away and didn't participate in it or intervene in it. God Is Dead theology is a variant on that theme.

I hate to be contentious, but for one thing, I have read the bible, a lot (raised in Lutheran schools, now professor of Religious Studies - just for background) and I find its message many things: disturbing, violent, dark, oppressive, primitive. But rarely beautiful (or inspiring, uplifting, etc.) In no way do I consider it a good guide for morality OR ethics. 

 Secondly, it is not a proven historical fact that a man named Jesus Christ lived as you describe. In fact, there are many problems with your claim. It is true that Yeshua was a common name in Judea in the 1st C, so there were many men with that name. 'Christ' is a title, a sort of honorific, so would not have been part of his name. There could not have been a man named Jesus Christ at all.

Now, it is also true there were many, many, messianic prophets, teachers, and preachers in this time period as well. However, there is no historical evidence of any of the major events of Jesus life, death, or resurrection outside the bible; not one mention, even given the remarkable events that accompanied his death, for example, finding no record of it elsewhere, even despite the vast records we do have of the time (the Roman Empire kept obsessively good records).

As to the 'evidence' of the New Testament itself,  the very earliest texts (the Pauline epistles) were not penned until years, even decades after his death. The four gospels which are included (many others which tell different stories altogether were rejected and all but destroyed), are second- and third-hand accounts, preserved in oral form and much later written down by people with different ideas, purposes, and priorities. Even once written down, they have been subject to countless edits, revisions, redactions, and translations (to say nothing of outright copying errors) for 20 centuries. Look at how many 'versions' of recent historical events, even well-documented ones, exist today? There are those who deny the moon landing, and publish alternate histories. By any reasonable standard of evidence, the bible is 'evidence' only of a mythology that developed along similar lines as others of the same time period, and has continued to develop and change over time.

 Finally, regardless of IQ, education, or profession, choosing evidence over lack of it is the more rational, intelligent choice. Yes, many very smart people are Christian (or another faith). However, this does mean they choose, in this one area, to reject the same standard of evidence, logic and reason that doubtless got them that MD, Law degree, or PhD. Ignorant choices don't necessarily mean ignorant people. 

Maybe not ignorant people but without doubt ignorant beliefs!

a beautiful presentation of some of the issues that christianity continues to refute, ignore and utterly lie about Mith. the 'preacher' of biblical truth from every pulpit and on every podcast, tv show, radio show, book, blog, magazine or media of any form as well as word of mouth, presents HIS <let's not even go there with the non-new testament HER> version of the gospel!!

Thanks for setting the record straight Mith, love to read stuff from people that actually study these things, great post. 


Just a couple of things, the US is not founded on christian principles that is demonstrably wrong. All you have to do is read the constitution to see how the US was set up to be a secular government. Secondly there is no historical evidence for the existence of a person named Jesus who was crucified. Even the gospels themselves would not be historically reliable even if accepted as truthful because they were all written at least 40 yrs or so after the supposed death of Jesus. Don't lie to yourself and try to spread this lies to others. On a side note I don't know about being smarter than 98.6% of all Americans ,but I do at least try to be better informed. 

What I think is interesting is that every sect of Christianity says that in order to be a 'True" Christian you must do this or that and somehow they never agree on just what that is... How does that work>?


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