Alright, so a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend of mine in class. And we began to talk about religion. Now I'm far from the kind of person that likes to showcase my views on things, But I told him I was an Atheist. He Actually didn't believe me at first, and said that people have to take a oath to become an atheist. We literally argued about this for 5 whole minutes before I finally said lets go to an computer and get google the definition. after I showed him what atheism actually is, He still retained doubt. I just said forget it, and ended the conversation on it there. 


What I'm asking is how long will people remain that ignorant on atheism. It's not like he's dumb when it comes to other topics. He says He's a christian and he never even read the bible. And when I told him and another friend I read it They Laughed. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention one of the guys laughing has a tattoo that says "blessed" on his chest. And he never read the bible. That's just stupid to me, But I kinda want to know what other people think about this.

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Ah fuck it, I'll think for myself


I feel better already,thanks


Love it!  Short, simple and involves scotch.

Must it be scotch? I guess, if it is about deep issues like 'thinking for yourself', something bracing would help..;p)


Do not use a quote from the Old Testament when talking about Christianity it makes you sound ignorant. That is what Jews follow try Corinthians next time it is the only thing remotely close to your accusation of tattoos being against the “rules” unless you’re talking about LDS. Christianity is the belief in Christ. And with your comment on Christians being lazy next time read the right book before making an inaccurate Criticism. And during the time frame of Leviticus people were dismembering dead bodies and tattooing the dead. So as you and many other atheists do quite frequently. Like misquote and misunderstand the bible. I hope this will be a lesson to not just read something and regurgitate it back. do some research on what you read, and find out about what was going on in the time period of Leviticus. I have no defense for the book of Mormon word of wisdom.  

Shall we actually look at Leviticus? Let's start a little early and get to the tattoo part.
I just hope I'm not wasting my evening doing so...

Don't mate two kinds of animal. - Okay, fair enough. It won't even work in most cases anyway, depending on the line between 'kinds'.
Don't plant your field with two kinds of seed. - Why not? It's actually better for the soil if you rotate crops. Plus if you have say, two different varieties of the same plant, it can tend to yield stronger plants and bounty.
Don't wear clothing woven of two kinds of of material. - Poly cotton blend is a sin! Why? It doesn't say, but I can't think of any logical reason.

If a man has sex with a slave girl that is promised to another, but hasn't yet been ransomed there must be punishment. Yet not put to death because she hasn't yet been freed. - Many problems here. One, no issues with a girl being kept as a slave? It also seems she was sold a bride. This also suggests that she had no say in the 'engagement'. Punishing sex as well? If it was rape, then it would be fine to punish the man. But if it was rape, you'd punish the victim as well? At least she won't be put to death, but the reason for such is horrible... Just because she's a slave and is thus still someone's property. Otherwise the penalty was death. Sick!

The man's punishment? Bring a ram to the temple as a guilt offering to God.

The priest will then make atonement for him and he will be forgiven. Really? That's it? Even if it were rape?

When you enter a land and plant a fruit tree, don't eat the fruit from it for three years. Three years after it's planted, or three years after it starts bearing fruit? Many fruit trees actually take some time to flower and grow fruit. But why not eat it? The tree will make and drop the fruit none-the-less. So you might as well make use of it. Also, with some fruits and vegetables you can sample the crop to see what crosses are yielding the better stock. But, I digress since we're concerned with trees here.

In the fourth year you are supposed to consider the fruit holy and make it an offering to God. More wasted fruit.

In the fifth year you may eat the fruit and your yield will be increased. No, the tree is more mature and will probably grow more each year as it gets established. But none of this waiting made the tree grow better. It still expended the energy and nutrients to make fruit for those four years whether you eat it of not. If you don't the wildlife surly will.

Don't eat meat with blood still in it. - You heard it here first. Yahweh says rare is a sin. lol Seriously though... There can be risks with eating meat that's not thoroughly cooked,  but it's no sin.
Don't practice divination or sorcery. -- I think this one speaks for itself.

Don't cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip the edged of your beard. - Seriously, that passes as divine wisdom?

Okay, we're to the tattoo bit. When I was a Catholic we used the KJV, so I'll go with that translation. "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD." - So here it talks of marking YOUR skin. Furthermore, depending on whether you take the quote in halves or a whole, it is either condemning tattoos in general, or just memorial tattoos. Think twice before getting that 'In loving memory of whoever tattoo', I'm not sure if tattoos to honor Jesus would count though since his death was apparently temporary.

Don't make your daughter a prostitute. - I can agree with that one! Too bad they didn't say not to sell her as a slave while they were at it.

Sabbaths. - You know the drill.

It goes on, but I think I've said enough.

Now I know what you're going to say next. "That's the Old Testament, that doesn't count." Really? Too bad Jesus says it does.

Matthew 5:17- 5:18
Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, until all is fulfilled.

Since Jesus hasn't returned, everything hasn't been fulfilled. Heck, Jesus was supposed to come back within the lifetime of his followers, yet that didn't happen either. So in the apparent words of Jesus, the OT and the NT are equally valid.

Also, I'd like to mention up front that I'm regurgitating nothing. I actually read the Bible when I was still a believer. I was actually trying to combat things I heard that didn't jive with what the church was saying. I read hoping to shore up that my faith was what was correct, yet the more I read, and the more I learned, the more I realized that it just wasn't so. Furthermore, while the Bible may have some good thoughts in it, as a whole it is far from a pleasant story in is rather poorly written. That makes since when you consider very simple people wrote it.

All that said, try not to take disagreements to heart so much. You're posts feel like you really let it get under your skin. We don't really mind theists coming on here, so long they are here for open and honest, and respectful discourse.

So I hope some of that made sense and that you enjoyed your Christmas.

"19:21 - The man's punishment? Bring a ram to the temple as a guilt offering to God.

" 19:22 - The priest will then make atonement for him and he will be forgiven."

Will the priest(s) make atonement before or after the roast ram dinner?

James, I respect your thoroughness. Please pardon my cynicism.

Do not use a quote from the Old Testament when talking about Christianity it makes you sound ignorant.

@ Colt - Oh yeah, that's right. God had a personality makeover somewhere along the line. I keep forgetting about that.

There is plenty of fodder in the New Testament as well -


Luke 19:27 

"But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me."


There is more, but Christians conveniently ignore the nonsense in the New Testament too.

Only Jews pay attention to the OT? .. In that case I have two questions--

First is -- Why include it in the Bible? Just take it out. Create a whole new book and just call it the NT. That would be remaining in the spirit (so to speak) of how the NT was put together anyway.. 

Second -  So Adam and Eve along with the 10 Commandments are right out the window, right?

What? No oath?  Are we not supposed to swear an oath to the FSM (May you be touched by his noodly appendages!)?

Artor - Shh!:-$ don't tell anyone shh! Don't tell him about the secret handshake or our decoder ring --

It's funny you mention friends and religion. More often than not, I will make friends with someone, only to find out later on that they are Christian. Two of those friends (a couple) out of the blue stopped calling us, dodged our calls, and basically dissolved our friendship. We have no idea why, and when we asked the about it they play it off as being too busy. We never discussed religion whatsoever, but I'm wondering if somehow (facebook?) they found out about our atheism. 


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