Hey, sorry if this is a stupid question or a dumb reason to open up a separate topic, but...Why do I see a lot of people on Think Atheist call each other pancakes?

What's the meaning/origin of it, if I may ask?


Just curious.

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This is what happens if you don't get your fix on time.


lol, yes we have pancakes for breakfast and I call them pancakes, I don't know about the masabeeb name hope :p 

I took this pancake pic from Saudi Arabia just for you :) :p 



Thanks a lot... with all these pictures this thread is making me so damned hungry! ;-)

I'll set the reminder then. ;) 


Pancake breakfast, our new solstice tradition.. 

Looking at these pictures I want some pancakes now! Can I have pancakes on the 7th day after winter solstice too? LOL. 


LOL ok, I'll remind you...


I'll add this to my reminder:

"Dear reminder,

Please remind me to remind Jean Marie about our new tradition, Because she often goes to space, with her friend 'Mind' to meet aliens that look like pancakes in a flying sausage, And they have an idea to go in circles" 


Yes!! That's what I got from this "ey, do remind me, too, as i can be spacey, with a mind rather like a flying saucer.....(which are pancake shaped i hear.)<---hey, is that a circular idea? " 


J/K haha 


I'm actually from Riyadh, I live in Khobar just because I study here. :) 

I don't remember hearing them say it.. That's strange, I usually concentrate when old people talk about their delicious traditional food. HaHa 


I think I'm hungry.. I should eat! LOL 

Mmmmm, pancakes... IHOP, anyone?

Best pancakes I have ever had, ever, in my life (and I am 53 so that is saying a lot) were at Pamela's when I visited Pittsburgh last summer.  I think of those pancakes every day.   And I will make a pilgrimage to Pittsurgh and Pamela's again one day......goddess of pancakes  willing!!

Yup, that's the one.  And I seriously do plan to visit Pittsburgh again and not just for the pancakes.  Seems to be a pretty cool city but very "local" in that you really need someone who lives there to show you the place. 

I work afternoons and for the last two hours there all I could think about was going home and making myself a nice plate of pancakes.  Sweet midnight snack :)


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