OK, asides from the fact that "We're right, they're wrong." what's the real differences between islam and christianity? Really, asides from some minor things, both seem to preach the exact same message of misogyny, oppression, tyranny, intolerance, fear, hate, war, conquest and ignorance.


What's the real, structural differences-IF ANY!- between islam and christianity?

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I didn't say "Islamic secular society". I said Christian or Muslim IN a secular society. None of my Muslim friends or neighbors want to kill me, as your original comment stated. They're happy to no longer being living in Islamic countries and are coexisting peacefully in a secular society.


The Bible does demand non-Christians and "sinners" be killed, and enemies conquered. It's at the root of ALL the branches of the Abrahamic tree. That's my whole point.

All the Abrahamic religions are very similar since they all have the same origins.

The real difference today is, that Christianity  evolved and integrated with western secular morality and philosophy and and Islam seems to stay stuck in time.

Oh and don't forget Judaism too, the religion that started them both, preaches misogyny, oppression , hate etc.

All of the Abrahamic idiocies share one common thread, they are all misogynistic in basic form.  "Westernized" crapstiantity had the benefit of the enlightenment and western secular ideas, whereas the pre and post versions of the foundation of the omnipotent god idiocy have been isolated and have refused to come into the light of reason.  All three try every means possible to control the education of its youth thereby ensuring the legacy of fundamentalism, which if allowed to flourish in the atomic age can easily kill a large part of the human race and set us all back to the dark ages.  One must never overlook the fact that when religion ruled the affairs of mankind's every thought and expression it was called The Dark Ages and for damn good reason.
agreed :) In present 21st century, some are just more evil than others but all at its fundamental level is rooted from the same cloth; I agree with your wonderful insight :)
What burns my ass, other than a flame about 2' high, is all the neocon and theocon Repugnicans, as well as some dildo-brain demopublicans who seem bent on converting America into a semi-theocracy where protestant fundamentalists have a say in everything and every expression.  If American life weren't so great I would move to a place where religion, all religion, has been pretty much recognized for the scam it is and has always been.  Unfortunately, I will never see the day when an admitted humanist, not to mention an atheist can successfully declare and run for the presidency.

Opps, I'm going off topic again - LOL.  About this "president can't be atheist" statement...  I think Obama is an atheist but couldn't possibly make it know.  Here's a video from the campaign...


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  I also feel he is an atheist forced into the closet by the religious nut-cases that are a majority of American citizens.  One wonders why this doesn't have more play, and I plan to spread it to my atheist and humanist friends.

I dearly hope he is reelected in 2012, especially when the Mayan's end times are shown to be more BS and maybe then he can bring out his humanists side, and, hopefully not be shot by some true-believer fundamentalist nutcase; one can only hope.

How much time do you spend thinking up portmanteau words? Haha! Repugnicans... Good one!

I was born and reared in southern Baptist sovereignty in small town North Carolina in 1944; alas a pre-boomer war baby.  All during my childhood we were at a saturation level with the "Word", but I was a very early skeptic.  In fact I was a skeptic before I even knew the word or concept and argued with cousins about the total unlikeness of the jolly fat fart in a red sleigh pulled by flying reindeer led by one with a red nose covering the world in one night a delivering goodies to all the "good little boys and girls" even before I was in school.

Over my 67-years I have been in 28 countries for varying times since 1965 and have witnessed so much religious crap and heard so much religious clap-trap and mumbo-jumbo BS that only served to sharpen my non-religious worldview and greatly strengthen my atheism.

Be that as it may, Americans have a Bill of Rights with the First Amendment ranking and flying above them all.  I abide and suffer the result of that while reveling in the fact that I am not required to participate and can speak my mind about how stupid and backwards it all is.   We all need to push more every day to make ourselves heard above the mooing crowds of 'believers".

I have always held that fundamentalism, quite regardless of its flavor, is bad for humanity and the world.  The idiot Camping's return of Jesse's Crap is one of the more benign and supremely and publicly idiotic results and people will continue go right off the deep end.  Camping has since "recalculated" to October, 21 I think it is.  Sad, sad, sad.

I think it is important to know the differences.  And to include judism in the mix.

All three have bloody histories and angry desert people that tell the tales in the tora, bible and the koran. This is what the abrahamic traditions still follow today. Sad.

I have stumped my muslim friend (converted muslim) with the facts.  She is taught that the muslim faith dates back way before Judism.  WRONG.  I told her judism started the whole one god thing.  Christians were a spin off and islam is a little of both. 

Judism is ~4,000 years old.  They had no concept of hell.  Just discarded souls for the wicked.  Christians invented hell and islam adopted it.  That really stumped her. 

A good reference book is "Religion for Dummies". This book provides a wealth of information on time lines, sacred texts, core beliefs, expression of faith, etc for the major Western and Eastern religions.

"Religion for Dummies" . . . is that not the oxymoron of all history?


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