OK, asides from the fact that "We're right, they're wrong." what's the real differences between islam and christianity? Really, asides from some minor things, both seem to preach the exact same message of misogyny, oppression, tyranny, intolerance, fear, hate, war, conquest and ignorance.


What's the real, structural differences-IF ANY!- between islam and christianity?

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I do, and I have a knowledge and expertise on Islam; along with spending considerable amount of time inside of an Islamic fundamentalist nation. Why are you so offended at the truth?

That comment would have been justified had there been the word extremist somewhere in there.

Nothing extreme I said. Simply the truth. Political correctness and "not offending" for telling the truth is one of the gravest threats to the U.S.
The few Muslims I've known were fully aware I was an Atheist.  The last guy, who is quite devout with the food/prayers stuff, asked me over to his place for tea.  Not seeing this urge to kill of which you speak.

No one here claims the desire to kill is across the board with all Moslems; however, if they follow Mohammed, it's in the book, stupid book that it is, as well as all others like it.

The kindest, most honest and nicest people I know and have ever met were atheists.

Well the Christian book says anyone with an exciting sex life should be stoned to death.  Where secularism doesn't keep Christianity at bay, such as Uganda, they are working on laws to execute gays.

Did you see the tosh.0 video on this?

I saw a lengthy documentary of which that was a part. I think it was called 'worst place to be gay'.
But, then, you never actually drank the tea, now did you?  ;-)
I never went over.  Seriously, though, I think he actually planned to make tea and have his sister present - he really is devout.

Not truth. You have to add the clause, "If the person actually follows every single word in the teachings of certain sects of this religion". Which is as rare as the Christians bombing abortion centers. It happens, it is scary, but it is rare. It's good to keep this in mind.

Wow, Sassan. That reminds me of my favorite joke...



How many members of a minority group does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Enough to reinforce my negative opinions of them.




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