OK, asides from the fact that "We're right, they're wrong." what's the real differences between islam and christianity? Really, asides from some minor things, both seem to preach the exact same message of misogyny, oppression, tyranny, intolerance, fear, hate, war, conquest and ignorance.


What's the real, structural differences-IF ANY!- between islam and christianity?

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I tried the bible once as a kid and once as an adult.  Both times I tried the utter ridiculous mumbo-jumbo BS presented on those pages prevented me from getting past the second page.  As for the Qu'ran, I'm pretty sure there's little more than a nickel's worth of difference between the two and as far as I'm concerned a total waste of time for anyone whose mind and/or life is based on evidence, more to the point, objectively supportable evidence.  One can read/study astrology (another waste of time) or the jewish/christian/islamic treatises and have a lot of "facts" that are impossible to accept unless one is a "believer" beforehand.  An utter waste of one's time in a human lifetime that's far too short in the first place.
I have to disagree with you a bit on this one though I concede it is purely a personal choice to read such things. I have read both and though painfully redundant and annoyingly pious, it was for me necessary to understand the position of those who profess that Islam is a religion of peace. Page after page was anything but peaceful.

It would be a waste of time were it not for the fact that so many people take it seriously.  Even with that in mind, one should only invest as much time as one feels is needed to deal with the religious.


With regard to Islam being a religion of peace, I have found that with any religion whatever they say about themselves is most likely to be the opposite of the truth.  If George Orwell and Franz Kafka collaborated on a novel it would be called "Religion".

Well of course they're not very different.They're two branches of the same Abrahamic tree.


Though rituals and minor beliefs vary greatly between denominations, the main "structural difference" in beliefs which would prevent someone from being a Muslo-Christian (though I'm certain there are people who could find a way) is that in order to achieve salvation, Christianity demands acceptance in Jesus as the son of God and emphasizes seeking redemption and forgiveness from sin whereas Islam rejects Jesus as the son of God and emphasizes submission to the will of the "one god" - Allah.


But I'm sure you already knew that so perhaps I'm not understanding your question.

One significant difference is their concept of god.  Islam is closer to Judaism in their view of god as one universal, abiding being. A large chunk of the Christian spectrum (at least the part I am familiar with) conceives of god in triune form, or in the words of my native Catholic Church (happily recovering from), one god, three persons.


Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet, but finds the idea that he is the "only begotten son of god" as repugnant. The Koran states the "Allah was not begotten and does not begat." The concept of begatting implies sexuality which makes Muslims shudder to think or so I am guessing.


As an earnest little Catholic, I never did grok the Trinity.  It seemed like so much theological contortion.  I didn't understand why God needed a Holy Spirit.  I didn't understand how Jesus could be God.  To me, it was just God.  Maybe I should have been Muslim.  Wonder what would have upset my family more, a conversion to Islam or a deconversion to atheism? :-)


I keep hearing Muslims emphasize that a key tenet of their religion is modesty.  That sounds fine and dandy, except it's interesting how modesty translates into covering up and controlling women...but not men...
Ok, this is a quicky reply and definitely flip BUT I think it's probably all that's worth thinking about. (I do know a little bit about islam and it's not any more or less crazy than xtianity.) The way I see it, it doesn't really matter because so many people have been needlessly slaughtered in the name of both religions. That's all I need to know really. :-)

I have studied about the Islam and as well as about the Christianity.I have concluded that there is not much difference between Islam and Christianity.I have got the differences from the Islam Australia.This site is related to the study of Islam.

Islam is much more evil and demanding. I believe all religion is fundamentally evil; but in Islam, you must accept every word of the quran to be the literal word of god. In addition, Islamic laws based on the Hadith truly create oppression wherever Islam has gone. The quran demands that governments be Islamic in nature and there is no exception; the bible makes no such claims and hence we have secularism. Islam needs a revolution within its own religion the way Christianity had with the Reformation and Enlightenment periods but this is not possible in my opinion due to the absolute nature and demands made by the religion. No doubt in my mind as someone who has seen what Islam is and studied Islam; that Islam is the most evil religion (the root of all evil) and constitutes the gravest threat on not only the mass murder and genocide of its own people; but the gravest threat to the existence of humanity. This is particular true if an Islamic regime like Iran acquires nuclear weapons or if Pakistan falls to the Taliban/Al Qaeda. Their end-of-the-world prophecies aren't for game; they are for real as evidenced by the Islamic Republic of Terror preparing for the return of the "hidden imam" or "imam mahdi" through war, terror, and oppression. In fact, 1/3rd of the world according to them must die through war, starvation, and famine before the end-of-times even comes.

Remember, someone born a Muslim has to always remain Muslim or else he shall die on the spot. You become an apostate or a "mohareb"; it makes me sad some atheists tend to deny these threats we face as fellow human beings due to political blindness and ideologies. We need to look to the likes of fellow atheists Christopher Hitchens and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (who was a former Muslim herself) on such issues to educate ourselves.

And one more thing: at least the symbol of Jesus is someone of "peace" and "dying for sin" bla bla....Muhammad (the prophet of Islam) was someone who fought by the sword and led the armies of Islam to murder, genocide, and oppression. Your entire community either converted to Islam or you and your entire village was slaughtered by the sword not sparing a single cattle (only some of the top virgins might have been saved for the captors). In addition, Muhammad was a child molester in the fact that he acquired Aisha (per the hadith) at the age of 7 when she was still "playing with toys" but waited until she was 9-years old (had her menstruation) to have full vaginal intercourse with her. Other forms of sexual activities took place and in Islam were permitted to take place with those before menstruation (but not vaginal sex). In Islamic countries today, the age of marriage for girls still exist at 9 (such as Iran - except you need court permission) and at age 12 you no longer need court permission (referring to Iran). This of course does not happen in Iran (esp. among the people) but the fact remains it remains this way under Shariah law. Therefore, the person they look up to was fundamentally a violent person who slaughtered people who did not become Muslim. Everywhere Islam has gone throughout history they have brought oppression and genocide with it along with the burning down of libraries and knowledge (except for a short duration of a couple of centuries when science was actually flourishing in certain parts). Bottom line: Christians for the most part are benign. IF you burn a bible, a Christian will be offended but doesn't act like an animal. If you burn a quran, heads get cut off at embassies on the other side of the world. If you draw cartoons, Muslims riot worldwide and kill innocents. If you write a book (like Salman Rushie did) you get a fatwa on your head. Not all Muslims are terrorists or bad people but Islam gives you the path to violence, terror, and oppression. 
Let me give you a good analogy; you tell a Christian you're an atheist, what will they say?? Most likely something in relation to: "Jesus still loves you, I will pray that one day you will find the light"; in contrast a Muslim will want to kill you on the spot.
Stereotyping at its worst! You have a head, why don't you use it before you post?


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