OK, asides from the fact that "We're right, they're wrong." what's the real differences between islam and christianity? Really, asides from some minor things, both seem to preach the exact same message of misogyny, oppression, tyranny, intolerance, fear, hate, war, conquest and ignorance.


What's the real, structural differences-IF ANY!- between islam and christianity?

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lol, good one. Just saying, I have read the quran, know extensively about Iran, spent time with Muslims, "born" a Muslim and understood the true nature of Islam. There is no comparison to Islam and Christianity in regards to which one is more "peaceful" and which is more "barbaric"; Islam by its very nature is the true evil of the world representing the gravest threat to the existence of the human race.
I know none of us wants to be prejudiced, etc., but when someone who has been on the inside tells us that it's really, really bad there, we need to listen.  Like with Jeff Sharlett and his book "The Family" regarding the C Street house "cult" and its poisonous effect on the U.S. Government.

I do listen to these stories. However, calling Christianity peaceful by comparing a cafeteria Christian in America to an Islamic extremist in Iran is a dishonest comparison. It would be like calling Islam peaceful by comparing a cafeteria Muslim in America to a Christian in Africa burning children alive for witchcraft and trying to pass laws enacting the death penalty for homosexuals.



Point very well made and succinctly stated.  Trouble is, neither one will admit it's a fact.
The difference is the average Muslim (non-Iranian populace) is much more fundamentalist than the average Christian since the religion of Islam places much more demands and rules upon its populace; in fact, Gallup had done a pole in Egypt recently in that over 84% of Egyptians polled said that apostates (those who leave Islam) should be executed (and Egypt is a pretty "moderate" Islamic country for Arabs): http://my.telegraph.co.uk/thereturnofgl/grumpylarry/3160/egyptians-...

You're still comparing the average Christian in a secular society to the average Muslim in an Islamic society.


"Fundamentalist" is a pejorative term when referring to both Christians and Muslims. This wouldn't be the case if the fundamentals of either holy book were messages of peace.

The other "problem", that is missing from the jewish operating manual, unless I missed something, is that both christians and moslems (I don't capitalize either) are directed to make every effort to "convert" non-believers.  Evangelizing the world and thereby becoming the world's single dominant belief system lies at the heart of the problem.  As yoiu say, the "peaceful" directive is missing. 


The jews don't care either way; if you're born a jew you are a jew and if you want to convert to judaism from some other system that's OK too, but it's all benign.  Not so the other two and that's what infuriates me as it causes all the problems in the 21st century that it has all along.  Crapstianity came through it more violent phase with the crusades and islam has yet to evolve to a less violent phase; however, with the more radical, fundamental brain damaged sorts extant in both are the trouble-makers.

I had a hard time between the brain and the keyboard to NOT capitalize christian (had to make the correction just now - LOL). 

And YES, the jewish folks (at least the ones I know) are more modern because it isn't a convert type faith and they can live in modern times, making whatever rituals they want to hold onto benign.  It's the other two on the fundamental level that are making war and holding us back.

Further, I'm trying to absorb what Sam Harris is saying in "The End of Faith".  He says moderates are also a problem because they are too tolerant to everyone (fundies and atheists) that they help support religion. 

I guess if they came over the % would make a fundamentalist a minority. With moderates around the % makes it much greater for christianity in America. I'm still trying to figure this out for myself.  My moderate friends/family seem 'benign' to me.

THere is no "Islamic secular society" because the quran demands every society be run by Shariah and Islam. The Bible makes no such requirements. It is at the root of the religion. That is the whole point!


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