OK, asides from the fact that "We're right, they're wrong." what's the real differences between islam and christianity? Really, asides from some minor things, both seem to preach the exact same message of misogyny, oppression, tyranny, intolerance, fear, hate, war, conquest and ignorance.


What's the real, structural differences-IF ANY!- between islam and christianity?

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Each is an opposite side to the same counterfeit coin; why counterfeit?  Should anyone try to cash it, they will find that not only is there not a bank under that name, there never has been.


I've always maintained that in today's world if one removes the explosive vest, shoes, or underwear there's not a nickel's difference between the two.  Suppose the Islamic fundamentalist martyrdom-seeker is gay, does he also receive 72 virgins?  Perhaps in that case it would be 72 Virginians :-)

gays are not allowed anyway, but I agree.  they are the same in their basic laws.  pray and obey.

Hitchens argues that the Koran has verses plagiarized from the bible, cant recall if he mentioned new or old testament. Both religions view pre-marital sexual relations and children as anathema. Ive known both muslims and christians who, in private express contempt for the other.....lol My father in law who is from Lebanon is correct in saying religion divides humans....

In the old testament you're not only allowed but required to kill your children if they go against the religion.
How you pronounce it.

Christians and Muslims,

Christians; Pray Jesus go to heaven

Muslims; Pray Jesus go to hell.

and the invisible God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is clapping while they debate.


muslims believe in jesus also but as prophet , a man with a message 

and they say he will go to heaven too

The difference is the subject of emphasis. Jesus emphasizes love. His supreme commandment is, "Love God with all that is in you, and love your neighbor as yourself."

Mohammad emphasizes the spread of Islam: by subterfuge (Arabic Taqiyya) if you have to, and by the sword. if you can, which is fastest.  After a place is placed under Sharia law, the holy Qur'an gives non-Muslims three choices: (1) convert to Islam and follow all its precepts; (2) retain your religion but pay the non-Muslim tax of half your land's produce or half your income; and (3) If you do not chose either 1 or 2, death possibly by decapitation. There is no similar provision in the Christian Bible.

Muslims claim that Sharia is the law that came from God, thus, the highest law. Any man-made law that violates, or is not in line with, the Sharia has no bearing and should be violated whenever a Muslim can.

Christianity makes no such claim.

Christianity doesn't explicitly claim the supremacy of its law in that way, but it does claim that all governments get their power from god (rather than from the governed).  Many Christians interpret this to mean that god's law is paramount and that man made laws that differ are invalid.

only one absolute god 

Jesus is a prophet not god 


A prophet for airheads only in either case.


Has anyone who has yet responded read the Qu'ran or the Bible. Has anyone who has yet responded made any effort whatsoever to investigate the tenets, creeds, practices, theologies, etc. of Christianity or Islam?


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