OK, asides from the fact that "We're right, they're wrong." what's the real differences between islam and christianity? Really, asides from some minor things, both seem to preach the exact same message of misogyny, oppression, tyranny, intolerance, fear, hate, war, conquest and ignorance.


What's the real, structural differences-IF ANY!- between islam and christianity?

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Well, if you look at the old testament it seems very similar in tone to the koran. And even jesus talked about bringing not peace but a sword, but the haloheads don't talk about that much....

Yeah, about that... some argue... I am painfully aware of my weasel sentence here, but to lazy to find my sources, just watch that American Dad christmas episode 'Rapture's Delight' or read 'Left behind' book series if you have strength to do so, I didn't. So, some argue that the white horseman of apocalypse represent jesus christ. That horseman is also knows as 'war' because he wields a sword and the whole battle of good and evil at the end of time where christ has to be on the good side and the other side there is antichrist looks to me militant especially if you use it as crusades propaganda.

To this day chatolics in my country use five finger when making the sign of cross because it represents five wounds of christ ('the passion' became very popular in those days) and they go from left shoulder to the right because that symbolises march from Rome to Jerusalem from crusades. Imagine that. So I don't see much difference in militant agenda in both of this religions.

Theology, history, canonical scripture, culture, interpretation of underlying scriptures, traditions, laws, etc. So in a nutshell a lot. They have a lot in common because religion in and of itself represents most of the things you listed.

The problem with trying to compare Islam with Christianity is you need to define what you mean. Which version of Islam are you comparing to which version of Christianity? In reality - and this is only from second-hand knowledge of what my wife has told me from life in the middle-east - Islam in practice seems very similar to Christianity in practice. Just with more prayers.


Where Islam differs most greatly in western perception is not so much in the religion itself, but in the power wielded by Islamic states. For a thought exercise, imaging Italy being run by the Pope, and the Pope does not have to temper his religious zealotry because he is a puppet dictator handy to the rest of Europe. The difference between this hypothetical Pope and the belief of individual catholics would be as different as the acts of rulers of Islamic states, and the acts of individual muslims.

Well done with that analogy, man.
Intellectually, Islam is where Christianity was 900 years ago, but ~600 years ago they were eons ahead of Christianity.
I agree, astronomy, surgery, medicine, mathematics and some ancient texts in greek survived because of Islam, because Islam didn't see them as dangerous, and thank you for that, but that doesn't make Islam less of an dangerous religion. The thing was that Islam wasn't that fundamental during the middle ages (some will argue this), but it is now more than ever and it's all because of fear of loosing their ancient traditions to modern western traditions, some sort of future shock after long isolation that makes a person feel need to avert his gaze from the flaming truth of progress.

Kind of like what's happening in the good ole' USA today?


Please remember, a lot of the so called "Islamic scientists" Muslims like to call for themselves weren't evil Muslim. The great Persian Omar Khayyam (often claimed as Muslim) was an avowed atheist, astronomer, mathematician, poet, and scientist. This "Islam was scientific" is mostly a lie and propaganda.


This is a great question.  I get aggitated whith my Christian friends who believe that the Islam is sort of the opposite of Christianity.  To my thinking, they are opposite sides of the same coin.  And of course Atheism is the only real opposite to both of them. 

What's the difference between islam and christianity?


The cause of death.

You meant to quote something with 'similarity' in it?

Your answers make me chuckle, a little.



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