We've had countless discussions on here about the religious colloquialisms and sayings that others say that we tolerate (e.g. many don't mind something like, ("I hope you get better soon - I'll pray for you", or something as simple as "bless you" after a sneeze). But what about the other end of the spectrum?


What are the xian, or religious for that matter, sayings that drive you crazy or get under your skin? For instance, here are a couple of mine...

  • When a religious person sees another who is down on his luck, or has had some tragedy, or is simply "not as good as" the religious person and they say, "There but for the grace of god go I". How pompous and sanctimonious, not to mention cruel and selfiish
  • Sports figures, actors, etc. who go through the histrionics of thanking god when something great happens to them. What, did god hate the other players/competitors?

You get the idea.


Can't wait to read your thoughts on this!

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Now that the holidays are approaching, I'm reminded more and more by my loved ones how "Our society wants to remove Christ from Christmas".  This gets on my nerves to no end.


I also hate when they say that bad things happen for a reason, or that God wants to use the circumstance for something.


I especially hate Christian bumper stickers, especially the fish ones.  I'm ashamed to say that I had one on my car at one time in my life.


I HATE when the answer to a problem or question or even a statement is a bible verse.  Grrrr.

Yeah. My sister-in-law and I got into a debate about this. I tried to remind her that the "Christmas" tree was a Pagan tradition, which the Bible (in Jeremiah) specifically forbids. Most aspects of Christmas are from Paganism, but she felt that NOW all those things belonged to Christians, and they had a right to keep them and no one could take them back. I don't think she saw the hypocrisy in this at all. It's like, what do gifts and Santa have to do with Christ? Sorry, Christians, you don't have a monopoly on the Holidays!

I know a lot of people who complain about the use of xmas, because for some stupid reason they think it was started by a group of atheists who were trying to squelch the use of Christ.  But actually, the ancient christians used the letter X-a Greek symbol- to symbolize Christ.  It's just that people don't know their (church) history.

You are entirely correct:  Χ (chi) is the first letter of Χριστος--Christ.  It's pronounced like the Germans pronounce ch as in ach! or Scottish loch.  (The Russians ended up using the same symbol in words we tend to spell with a Kh, like Khrushchev and Khabarovsk.)

(On a side note.. A lot of atheists will use Xtian as a shorthand for "Christian" but that's not really right.  It should be Xian not Xtian.  Doing "Xtian" would be like writing "Xtmas").

My mother still doesn't know I'm an atheist, and 2 yrs ago at Xmas I said something she didn't like (can't remember what now) and she said "well I just hope you haven't forgotten the TRUE meaning of Christmas".  I had to reply "I know the meaning perfectly well, where do you think christmas trees and holly came from?  It certainly wasn't the bible!".  She was not happy.

Not to be too pedantic, but the Christmas Tree *as we know it today* does probably have more in common with 16/17th century Christianity than Paganism directly.  though the tree and evergreens were an important part of various practices before Christianty, the current model for the tree does probably have more roots in Christianty than Paganism.  But the *idea* of a decorative evergreen plant is certainly older than Christianty.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_tree#Origin


Trees were used, but did fall out of favour and by the 16th century chrisianty started using them again, so it was maybe more a case of resurecting a tradition than acquiring it from another religion.  It's still sneaky, still pinching ideas from others, but is at least in some way somehting they can claim, even if only slightly.


Probably more accurate to say that the Christmas Tree is an amalgamaiton of ideas and practices that are neither Pagan nor Christian in origin and that neither group can claim complete origin rights for it, nor can any practice as many religions have included decorative evergreens and cut offs as part of their winter celebration.


It's juts a nit picky thing about me at the moment, though it certainly isn't entirely christian it isn't fully pagan either.

"Bless you" when one sneezes.

When I sneeze, the last thing I want is anyone's blessing. If you want to "do" something, "gesundheit" (=health) is much preferred.

Generally, I hate any kind of unwanted blessings. A blessing when one sneezes has to be the most pointless one.

I saw a Facebook post recently that said 'Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship.' My instinct was to ask how I could get a the relationship I had with MY imaginary friend tax-exempt, but I figured I'd get tons of backlash.

:-D out loud

It was god's will. 


(which always happens to coincide with their own)

When I was a kid, my mom dropped my sister and I off at a public pool when we didn't know how to swim.  My sister drowned and I almost drowned.  To this day my mom insists my sister's death was god's will. 

That's really terrible, Ann. I suppose that's her way of dealing with the guilt. I can imagine admitting it was her own fault would be a burden too heavy to carry. I mean, parents make mistakes. It is pretty cruel of her to say that though, because it's just like "Oh well, I guess that was meant to happen anyway!"

This just makes me sad :(


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