We've had countless discussions on here about the religious colloquialisms and sayings that others say that we tolerate (e.g. many don't mind something like, ("I hope you get better soon - I'll pray for you", or something as simple as "bless you" after a sneeze). But what about the other end of the spectrum?


What are the xian, or religious for that matter, sayings that drive you crazy or get under your skin? For instance, here are a couple of mine...

  • When a religious person sees another who is down on his luck, or has had some tragedy, or is simply "not as good as" the religious person and they say, "There but for the grace of god go I". How pompous and sanctimonious, not to mention cruel and selfiish
  • Sports figures, actors, etc. who go through the histrionics of thanking god when something great happens to them. What, did god hate the other players/competitors?

You get the idea.


Can't wait to read your thoughts on this!

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...but you get it on that forum, and the debate is over!

Non debatable?  What a crock.

The first step of Islamifying a country is for the Muslims there to try to gain it some sort of protected, "you are not allowed to argue with it" status, a sort of sanctuary.  Be it a "hate speech" law or just agreement that it's not polite to do so.  The riots over the Danish cartoons accomplished a lot, now no media outlet dares criticize it.

Sounds like someone is taking lessons.

i really hate the statement "free will" when talking about human bad choices.
yes, man, god made us fully, completely "free". so am i "free" to be killed by free-willed soldiers sent in a war-mission by free-willed government leaders? oh, i beg you pardon, i forgot it: it's not god's fault, he is so big-hearted... it's free will. why should god stop it?
just pay some attention when using free will: god could not appreciate it if you are too distant from HIS will. but it's free, and it's yours, man. don't forget it.


and what about "atheism is a form of faith"?
oh, sure! how could i be so stupid? don't all atheists believe in an invisible entity without any evidence and follow illogical rules because a priest/rabbi/imam/enchanter told them to do it if they don't want to be sent by this entity in an imaginary place where they will suffer for the whole eternity?
after all, isn't hatred a form of love? isn't idiocy a form of cleverness? isn't the so-what-attitude a form of care?
yes, it makes perfectly sense.

What difference does it make what ever they say. We live in a culture with a lot of religious people. So we're going to hear all their sayings all the time. As long as they are not trying to convert me I don't care. We don't have a religion they do. So just live with it. If someone says 'god bless you' or 'I'll pray for you' and it makes them happy that's fine by me. I don't try to talk people out of being religious and they don't try to convert me. Many people in this discussion have mentioned that they have religious friends or relatives so we live are way and they live theirs, no big deal.

I do tell them not to pray for me. They can think good thoughts if they want, but that's still not going to do anything to fix the problem.

@halidom: the more the believers live their way, the more we can't live our way without restraint, you should always consider it.
i don't like to discuss about god with believers because i think it's completely vain, but i'm very far from accepting there is no big deal in living within religious people.
first of all, i think you are able to make distinction between who says, for example, that homosexual are sick and who doesn't despite being a believer, so you should pay attention when declaring there's no difference in whatever they say.
secondly, even though my religious neighbours don't try to convert me, i'm not so tolerant with religion, because if they don't, the priests of their respective churches are always trying to undermine my atheist life in many different ways. the fact that people believe in god makes them more and more powerful, so i would be careful in saying that we live our way and they live theirs, so there's no big deal and happily ever after.

In Catholic school, when something bad happens to you, the nun always tells you to "offer it up." Never could figure that out. Is it, "Hey, God, I just broke my ankle. You take it."

ahah that's so foolish :D

I am amazed and disturbed at how many times I've been told that if I don't believe in god, I must worship the devil. Some aren't smart enough to know that you can't have one without the other. Years ago I was having a talk with the most fanatically religious person I know...mom and it came out that she was worried I was a devil worshiper since I was an athiest. After I showed her that one couldn't happen without the other, she was relieved and was able to accept my lack of belief a little better.

@halidon, you say, what difference does it make whatever they say and it's no big deal. I respectfully disagree, They are more and more injecting themselves into our lives through politics. They want to run this country through the bible and many of the candidates define themselves through their beliefs. We are in a very dangerous time in this country and if they are allowed to prevail, we will be in the same situation that forced the colonists out of England. Religion of all kinds want to take away our rights as humans to think and act of our own free will, and to run a nation on the ramblings of inbred sheepherders scares me. It is a big deal and we need to make a stand. We are never going to get them to stop using reason, but we might be able to get a handle on it by using money. We can start demanding that if they want to bring religion into politics, they need to be taxed. If it is said long and loud enough we might be able to either keep the separation of church and state, or at least help reduce out debt. Who knows, but something must be done.

When I was a teenager we were going through a tough financial time, and when I would confront my mom about something the answer to any problem, like not much food in the house, was "the lord will provide". That was always the most terrifying thing for me to hear.

God, it's whats for dinner?

Right, that does sound terrifying, because she's given up hope of any human providing a solution to a serious problem...which almost always equates to nothing changing.  The worst part is, your attempt to get your needs met has just been totally shut down by that little phrase...because to a believer, only a person with weak faith would feel that waiting for the lord to provide is not good enough.  In my family, that little phrase would be accompanied by an overt or covert message letting me know that my questioning the situation is akin to doubting god will provide, and perhaps our current situation was due to 'our' lack of faith.  Mmmm, guilt, chicken soup for the Catholic soul.  Sorry, I don't mean to be glib but I missed my share of meals too, and innapropriate, bad puns is how I deal with it.   


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