We've had countless discussions on here about the religious colloquialisms and sayings that others say that we tolerate (e.g. many don't mind something like, ("I hope you get better soon - I'll pray for you", or something as simple as "bless you" after a sneeze). But what about the other end of the spectrum?


What are the xian, or religious for that matter, sayings that drive you crazy or get under your skin? For instance, here are a couple of mine...

  • When a religious person sees another who is down on his luck, or has had some tragedy, or is simply "not as good as" the religious person and they say, "There but for the grace of god go I". How pompous and sanctimonious, not to mention cruel and selfiish
  • Sports figures, actors, etc. who go through the histrionics of thanking god when something great happens to them. What, did god hate the other players/competitors?

You get the idea.


Can't wait to read your thoughts on this!

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What about the doctors?  ;P  

I was going to reply to this with some input but all the usual phrases that annoy me have been posted at least once or twice.  Great thread!!  I'm really enjoying it!

"I will pray for you" - I'm actually OK with this one.  It means that, while they are praying for me, they are not bothering some other poor sod.


"You are going to hell" - My usual response is along the lines of "You'd best be nice to me now, 'cause by the time you join me there, I'll already be running the place!"


"Because god said so" - "Really?  Next time you talk to him, tell him to deliver his own damn messages!!"

This actually makes me laugh because it's so completely NOT what science says that whoever created this was most likely an Atheist having fun because I can't see a Christian even getting science THIS wrong ... 

Simpletons simplifying the most complex set of questions that the greatest set of scientific minds have been studying for hundreds of years. Searching for answers using the scientific method. Finding truth, facts and proof along the way without the "god gap". Stunning stupidity, denial and ignorance.

"Why are you so angry at God?"  


Makes my head want to explode.  


"I'm sorry you were hurt so badly, but not all Churches are like that" 


As if they have the ignorance to actually believe everyone they speak to has been raised as a Christian and that they must have been hurt in some way if they are so anti organized religion.  



Yes it NEVER occurs to them that perhaps you never believed in doG in the first place!  Or perhaps they are simply unable to comprehend the concept of disbelief in the first place--it goes back to that stereotype of the person who says he's an atheist because he is mad at doG.

It really grinds my gears when my facebook wall gets bombarded with quirky "share/like if you believe in jesus" pictures or "just wishing you a blessed day" little winged glitter angel gif. Quit polluting my page with your crap! I almost always pull an equal photo such as "share/like this if you're proud to be an atheist" and slap it on their wall. It amuses me how flustered they get, like , how dare She put that on my wall!!! just trying to show them how i feel.

Dear Lotus, you must miss your sister terribly.

I just read another quote to add to my "OMFFSM you've GOT to be kidding me..." pile. This time it is someone's FB status...

As you stand on your throne and judge me ~ I will be on my knees praying for you~ God is my one and only judge!


Yet another sanctimonious, demeaning xian message...

First let me say that I love you guys and I'm thankful to have found this bastion of logic and reason. Now, more to the point. I find it disturbing when people say, after some mishap where nobody was hurt or killed, "Thank God nobody was injured.", as if god intervened of someones behalf (odds on this are 1 in 7,000,000,000) and prevented injury. Call it what it is, blind luck. Christians have a lot of trouble with facts and truth. Be careful out there, it's a crazy world.

Yet another idiotic xian saying on Facebook...



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