We've had countless discussions on here about the religious colloquialisms and sayings that others say that we tolerate (e.g. many don't mind something like, ("I hope you get better soon - I'll pray for you", or something as simple as "bless you" after a sneeze). But what about the other end of the spectrum?


What are the xian, or religious for that matter, sayings that drive you crazy or get under your skin? For instance, here are a couple of mine...

  • When a religious person sees another who is down on his luck, or has had some tragedy, or is simply "not as good as" the religious person and they say, "There but for the grace of god go I". How pompous and sanctimonious, not to mention cruel and selfiish
  • Sports figures, actors, etc. who go through the histrionics of thanking god when something great happens to them. What, did god hate the other players/competitors?

You get the idea.


Can't wait to read your thoughts on this!

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GGG isw the plural of "G"s, followed by us spells Jeezus.    The rando use of OMIGOD by the young folks  ticks me off, too.

Do you mean the the hebrew word, shalam?  It means peace just as salaam does.  You would just look silly screaming it.

"Shalam. Or else."


Would look good on a license plate.

Any time that they discard scientific fact as being dumbfounded and irrelevant. People who look at science and don't accept hard earned knowledge as factual. Then when others turn around and claim that science, knowledge, and understanding backs up their personal agendas. Basically whenever someone treats the blood sweat and tears of hard working scientists trying to give people knowledge of which to form their own opinion as if it were a tool, or disregard it completely.

"God works in mysterious ways"....I really hate that people allocate any significant thing that happens to "God's will"....  bloody poppy-cock.


My absolute  all time MOST hated expression is........"god wouldn't give you more than you can handle"         What a load of crap!!  A quick look around reveals that he in fact does it ALL day EVERY day ALL around the world!   Why do you think people end up having nervous breakdowns, or committing suicide...............that's right....they couldn't f*#(@ing HANDLE it.

  This was in fact the phrase that sent me over the edge and caused me to finally become an atheist. At a time when we were facing a MOST dire situation, someone said this, and I blew a fuse!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  Is THAT the god you believe in??   A god who would send you to the gates of hell, but expect you to hang on with your broken fingernails? I decided there and then that  if that god existed, he seriously needed to get the hell away from me!I

   See?? I get bent out of  shape just thinking about it!

@ Joann - I feel your anger. I could not agree more. Some Christians say that because the people that God gave too much to handle, ARE DEAD! They are not around to say to these Christians, "Um, God gave me too much to handle."

Or the ones who died in the rubble of 9/11.  Whose prayers weren't answered.  Though you see plenty of stories about people who were late to work that day in the towers, because God intervened.


If you point out those who commit suicide, then the Christians find a nice, neat way to CRITICIZE them, somehow putting the blame on them rather than taking back their words. It truly pisses me off.

I have to admit - I don't have any particular pet hated ones specifically


But every single one that is hypocritical sticks burrs under my saddle.  And the whole smug arrogance thing pisses me off too.

Walrus, I think you've hit the nail on the head.  Their "sayings" are all aggravating, but it really is the way they say them with that smug arrogance and smirk that really pisses me off.  It's like a four year old kid saying, "nah, nah," and sticking his/her tongue out.  In that aspect, they're all just a bunch of snotty nosed brats.

I'm sure we come off that way more than our fair share of the time.


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