What would your parody sign read if you were to picket with Phelps?



I am considering  taking up a parody sign and picketing with the wackos from the Westboro Baptist Church in the very near future.


My first thought was to carry a GOD HATES SHRIMP sign.  Is that passe now?


What message would you put on your sign?

Would you mimic the insanity of their message, or counter with wit and wisdom?

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Mine read "Ceiling Cat <3's fishies"

Would you mimic the insanity of their message, or counter with wit and wisdom?

Do both. Stand elbow to elbow with them and hold up your sign:


Without political power they're irrelevant. But when it does come to political power, which party do you think these anti-gay hate groups and their supporters vote for?  Which party do you think wants the anti-gay vote but would rather not have it publicized?  If you really want to hurt Phelps and his ilk, hurt them where it counts: at the ballot box.

God Hates ----->

Or, All Hail Lord Vader!

What a colorful name --

Having neither wit nor wisdom, how about simply:

Or MY favorite --

how about "My parents forced me to marry my rapist !"

"God made me an Atheist" would be my first choice, since God apparently decides your life for you before you even live it...

"The Word of God is great for keeping my Sofa on the level"

"Jesus was a Jew" is always a favorite.

"Jesus was an Arab" is a nice variant.

Certainly not this.. "

I don't believe in butchers! God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Cleave!


Or as they say in Mexico, "Ja ja ja"





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