Okay, so earlier today, I had a little discussion with a theist who just didn't seem to know the meaning of the sentence "give up, you're out of arguments!"

I used the "silver bullet" technique. (Asking him what his strongest argument was and then completely breaking it down, so all his other arguments are automatically bullpeep)

But this guy just didn't show any sign of stopping.

And after many hours of argueing and yes/no fights, it all came down to one question. He said: "Okay, suppose I'm right. Suppose you die and come before god. What are you going to say to him when he tells you that you have been a bad person for not believing in him?"

My reply was: "If god would say that I have been a bad person, I'd say he's out of his mind! I am in no way a bad person, just as you are in no way an atheist."

But now that I think about it...I actually have no idea at all what I really would say...

Just SUPPOSE that he's right (of course, he is not), and you DO appear in front of god. What the hell would you say?

Just wondering...

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Why would I say anything to an anthropomophic personafication?

Why I think the same reason one would talk to non-anthropomorphic personified things. I sweet talk to my car for instance at those rare moments when I do experience real freude am fahren. I scream at traffic lights. I once cursed at a garage-door that unexpectedly got stuck half way. None of those things can talk back or understand what I am saying (or I'd be in real trouble) but at least they have this advantage over the anthropomorphic personification you are referring to that they do at least exist and I do too in order to be able to do the talking.

I'd say nothing. I'd wait for the addictive thought form residual to wear off, so I could take the form of something else, hopefully without addictive properties.
"If he (your theist friend) and the bible are correct about you, tell me... Which way is Hell?"

Iäd likely just stare, puzzled, at first, politely say ÄhiÄ, and wait for Him to start the conversation, whatever it may be. I wouldnät know what to ask or say, or how to do so, so, better that God start the convo, and just go from there.


I will be pissed, though, if God himself says to me that I was supposed to believe in him. I mean, what a freakinä ego, amirite_

Which god are we speaking of here!?  There are so many of them! With over 10000 religions around and all the mythical gods from the beginning of time, I'd be hard up to pick one question. Every religion has a different perception of their personal god and each person within that religion has their own view of what that god is like.  If I was asked  by the xian god why I didn't believe, I think I'd say, " Hey you created me an atheist, answer your own question"   I would be the most bad ass person I could be.  But, I guess that will never happen, because the only gods that exist are in our imaginations! But it's fun to pretend.
"Where the hell have you been? Have you SEEN what has happened to the world lately?"
I would have a lot of questions, specifically about the problem of evil, and what rules prevented him from helping us out, or if he is in fact not omnipotent etc.

Me: Who made you?

God: Ummmmmm.....

To quote Ricky Gervais  

"Why did you make me an atheist?" 

I would ask "him" if the Bible was true. If he said that it was, I would ask him one question: "Why did you put a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the middle of the Garden of Eden, and then commanded us to never eat from it -- a command that could only be obeyed if we had the knowledge of good and evil?"


I imagine his reply would be unsatisfactory.

Because it is more important to blindly obey arbitrary laws than it is to know right from wrong.


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