Okay, so earlier today, I had a little discussion with a theist who just didn't seem to know the meaning of the sentence "give up, you're out of arguments!"

I used the "silver bullet" technique. (Asking him what his strongest argument was and then completely breaking it down, so all his other arguments are automatically bullpeep)

But this guy just didn't show any sign of stopping.

And after many hours of argueing and yes/no fights, it all came down to one question. He said: "Okay, suppose I'm right. Suppose you die and come before god. What are you going to say to him when he tells you that you have been a bad person for not believing in him?"

My reply was: "If god would say that I have been a bad person, I'd say he's out of his mind! I am in no way a bad person, just as you are in no way an atheist."

But now that I think about it...I actually have no idea at all what I really would say...

Just SUPPOSE that he's right (of course, he is not), and you DO appear in front of god. What the hell would you say?

Just wondering...

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I know. But I was getting so annoyed with that guy that I just gave him the first answer that popped into my mind, just to get rid of him. lol.

oh :p

Well, I told the man in an earlier argument that I found it hard to believe in any superior entity, just because of the fact that there isn't any actual proof for it. And guess what he kept saying? "It's all there in the Bible". Even though I told him many of the facts about the Bible that could easily make an average man believe the Bible suddenly is nothing more than just an "arrogant comic book", he just kept saying that the Bible is the true word of God. There's just no argueing these christians, now, is there? :p


re-re-re-recursive bible logic!!!!

One of my favorite diagrams:


"Really great Universe you got here. Thanks for giving me a brain so I could try and understand it." or something like that.
That one's hilarious! :D
with a name like Uytfang (means to catch out) you should find it easy to catch out God! LOL...I'd ask him: "How was Mary in bed?"
Well, i will put it squarely to his/her face: I am the bad person, when you failed every step of the way to clearly communicate your will, and leave clear unambiguous, testable and verifiable evidence as to your existence, and you still have the face to call me bad with...
Great one.

First off- which god do you mean?

Zeus? Wotan? Athena? Poseidon? Jesus? Allah? Ra? Superman? Flying Spaghetti Monster? Tom, Dick & Harry?


Who's interpretation of which "holy" book do you mean? 


Any idea I have had of what a god would be like, are not at all compatible with any scripture of any sort, but if it was any of the gods in the pantheon of gods to choose from- aka dudes w/ beards and togas- I would say something like: 


Thanx for the multiverse, stars, quasars, DNA, the elements, evolution, knowledge, the ability to question, seek, and learn, where we come from, how we came to be.


Thanx for cannabis and sex- those are your best inventions - spark up the God Weed and bring on the dancing girls.  


What? Why didn't I believe?


No evidence, none. We looked everywhere, tested everything, with all of our senses, amplified by equipment that measured everything, from the smallest to the largest, inner and outer space, everything pointed to there being nothing behind the curtain, no God or gods of any type. No evidence.


Believe in what? There is NOTHING to believe in. I can't believe in what is not there.


The flip side is the overwhelming amount of evidence of nature being, well....natural. Astronomy, geology, biology, archeology, and all the branches of science, continue to grow more and more evidence. Even when new information comes that changes/overturns previous "evidence" it still does not have need, nor evidence of, any godlike anything.


You can also return the question to them:

What if they are right on there being a god but they chose the wrong one?

Would that god be pleased by blind obedience to the wrong god over honest skepticism- hold on commitment until there is evidence.



Thanks for the great response. Well said

You're right. That is just another form of Pascal's wager. You need not to participate in morbid fantasies about uncomfortable conversations with non-existing entities as a corpse.

Pull a Dawkins on your opponent, mention you're not worried any more about that than lots of other things that don't exist, but you're curious to know if they are absolutely sure they're betting on the right horse.

If they keep on pushing just say you would demand the use of your brain again to answer his question.

Why should god care about anything I have to say? He knows everything. Maybe, he could say 'I know your reasons and the way you think, and I don't like it. Suck it, bitch.'


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