What would you say to a questioning young teenager?

So one of my fiance's cousins, who is 16 years old or so, wrote the following on his facebook wall yesterday and you can see my responses. I would like to know the proper way to counsel someone about this issue. You can see what I said. But first background. This kid is a Christian who attends the local megachurch, complete with a full praise and worship band which is actually quite good. He's a good kid. He's going through a hardcore emo phase right now where he listens to bands I've never heard of and dresses and looks like Jared Leto. With that, I'll let you see the conversation:


Chris: im so tired of judgemental and stereotyping, its all just bullshit, and wal mart is fucked up
  • Brian Flattlol Care to elaborate?
    Yesterday at 9:53pm ·  
  • Nicole...walmart?
    Yesterday at 10:02pm ·  
  • Chris  today were in wal mart right? well these churchgoers come up to me and ask to pray out of everyone in the whole store they picked me even though im a christian -.-, im like alright but what i didnt know was they thought i was a satanist cus of my style and i was wearin a shirt with my fav band black veil brides on it
    21 hours ago ·
  • Brian FlattI hate to say it Chris but you'll learn that many Christians are that way. Big reason that drove me away from it and religion in general. Hypocritical, ignorant and hateful people.
    21 hours ago ·
  • Brian FlattYou have more self control than me. I would have told them where they can step off. The nerve of some people!
    21 hours ago ·
  • Chris  i understand....and i didnt realize it till my mom said something after we were done praying...i thought that they were gonna pray for me for my troubles like girl problems but when i found out it was completely different i havent been the same....not just christians but everyone is judgemental over kids and people like me
    21 hours ago ·
  • Brian FlattI understand. I'm an Atheist Chris, how much judgement and stereoytping do you think I endure?
    21 hours ago ·
  • Chris thats heavy stuff....but im stereotyped by everyone by my looks...its always a phase to me and i go on ignoring it, there has to be a change soon, i really wasn't introduced to christians who stereotype until now and im not sure bout the religion anymore...
    21 hours ago ·
  • Brian Flatt
    Well I wouldn't suggest jettisoning the entire religion due to how some people are, believe it or not. There are judgemental Atheists too, Hindus, Buddhists, you name it. I would suggest doing some reading though and figuring things out for... yourself. No harm can ever come from trying to educate yourself, no matter what some may tell you. And C3 is a pretty cool place, but can you imagine how rich that pastor and his family have become, and why? His preaching isn't all that great, the reason is all because of the music. That's why people go, that's it and that's all. Just my opinion though.See More

    21 hours ago ·
  • Nicole dang. well i dont really know either of you but thats really upseting. its ridiculous how people stereotype you because of the way you dress. oh yeah and personally, i enjoy black veil brides.
    21 hours ago ·
  • Brian FlattI've never heard of black veil brides, will have to check them out.
    21 hours ago ·
  • Chris  Ya the only reason people go is for the cafe and the music and the room ive always thought that but the people are all the same and bvb's music is grand, they get stereotyped everyday for how they look and how they dress but the one major thing i like about them is they never give in, they never let judgemental people win and they keep that style cus thats just them
    21 hours ago ·
  • Brian FlattThat's the most important thing in life is to figure out who you are and always stay true to that.
    21 hours ago ·
  • Stephen  that lady was an ahole chris
    21 hours ago ·
  • Chris Thats what i base my life off of, and i know stephen......what sucks is that shes not the only one doing those things
    21 hours ago ·
  • Samantha Dude that sucks! People are always gonna do that, all you have to do is ignore them and turn up some Black Veil Brides and walk off. As long as your happy being you, it doesn't matter what people think.

So, did I do alright? I don't want to sound like the crazy Atheist, but wanted to share my thoughts too.



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