Or the Koran, etc. etc.

My choices would be,

1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the looking glass and what alice found there. By Lewis Carroll

2. The Complete Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy, by Douglas Adams.

3. Cats Cradle, By Vonnegut Jr. (Or almost anything by him, also particularly Sirens of the Titans) 

What about you? What book or narative do you think presents a better understanding of Morality/reality/sexuality/ and/or spirituality, then the trash presented by the pig religions?



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What part of this question made you think it was intolerant?

It seems to me that truth transcends both the bible and whether or not I (or anyone) could replace it.  Individuals voluntarily subject themselves to situational/suppositional (i.e. partial) truth all the time. This part or that part of the truth seems neither here nor there to me.

"I thought that the hallmarks of atheism were tolerance, diversity and coexistence."

I don't think you know what atheism is then. Perhapse the term secular humanist is what your looking for. Atheism is a lack of a beleif and nothing more.

"This seems like a very intolerant question to me.  Pro-me does not necessarily have to be anti-you (or anyone else), right?"

No pro-you does not "necessarily" mean anti-me, but if you beleive in the teachings of the bible then it certainly does. The bible calls for the execution of homosexuals as well as women who are not virgins, then it claims these disgusting ideas to be the word of god. Where does the execution of gay people fall into your ideas of "tolerance, diversity and coexistence"? Flip through your evil bible and find the part about how good diversity is, you wont find it because it's not there because the bible preaches an anti-freedom, anti-individualist, fear based ideology, and is designed to encourage the violent eradication of anyone smart enough to reject its filth.



Hey Hank,

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the looking glass and what alice found there. By Lewis Carroll

Yes, that was my choice! So, my alternates would be:

My biography

Some really good, convincing book explaining how and why love is just love

Goldstein's Classical Mechanics

On the Means and Methods of Mass Deconversion (kind of kidding)

A lifetime supply of an antidepressant of choice

A book, not sure which title, on the fundamentals of mathematics up to linear algebra and differential topology.

- kk

A Christian, Muslim, and an atheist are stranded on a deserted island. One day a lamp washes ashore. The x-tian and Muslim rush to rub the lamp- the atheist of course watches sceptically. Much to the atheists suprise a Genie pops out of the lamp and says "You have the wish of one book of your choice to read as you are stuck on the island". The Christian wants a Bible of course- Sim sal a Bim- a Bible shows up in his hands. The Muslim wants the Koran of course- Sim sal a Bim-- a Koran shows up in his hands. The Genie turns to the atheist and asks what book he would like for his time on the island...The atheist thought for a moment and said "I want book on how to build a boat".

+1 Like>>it may only be a joke..but it gets at the heart of the matter ;)

'The atheist thought for a moment and said "I want book on how to build a boat".'

And how to build tools to build a boat.
And how to cut lumber to build a boat.
And how to teach, 'the other people' to build a boat with you!

"And how to teach, 'the other people' to build a boat with you!"

You can try, but they will be busy praying or fighting about their gods... and then when the atheist builds the boat they will believe their prayers were answered

Sadly, yes.

I have had some wonderfuly strange experiences with theists over the years.

A minister friend called and needed her phone amplication device reset because she could not hear the phone. I checked it for her, but found that it already was working at maximum. I talked with her and found that she needed her hearing aides, replaced or cleaned, or her hearing checked again. She would hear nothing of this 'god will provide'. She latter remarked that she got new hearing aides. It was a miracle!

A few years latter, she was having problems walking. I suggested that she should have her hips/legs checked to see if artritis or a hip/knee replacement was needed. She would have nothing to do with it again. Latter other friends were able to use her religious beliefs as way to convince her that she should accept the miracle of medicine.

Early in my professional life, I moonlighted pulling weeds to pay off a few bills. One very religious woman called to have her roses weeded. I got started on a very nice warm day, and she asked if I would like a glass of water. I said yes, then she remarked that 'I like weeding, it reminds me of pulling evil out of the world', to which I remarked, 'sometimes you have to put your roots down awfully deep'. She never called again. 

A bottle of lube and a Lelo Mona vibrator !

agreed and Christofer Hitchen's book should be in every hotel room, school, churches so that people can have second opinions on the subject

how bout anything by Hunter S. Thompson



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