What would you do (to be free) while you live among a theist family, coworkers, society?

in my society, you can't just say i'm an atheist

you have to celebrate christmas and easter

you have to say الله يرحمو (god will save him/her) when you offer condolences

one should pretend believing in god for the sake of society traditions. believing is a tradition

it's not an opinion or faith, it's not open for discussion. My biggest problem is: i can't make elderly people angry with me, i respect them..for that i pretend i believe in god

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thank you Bobby.

wish you a happy life too

I understand your difficulty. I come from a very devout conservative Muslim family. I just tolerated it (tell them I was atheist wouldn't have been a good idea) and then I finished school and moved out to university. I now live alone, an honest pagan, as nature intended.

congrats, you did right

and i wish i can do the same...but it's not that easy.

have a nice day

Hi Fadi,

I understand what you mean. I come from Malta and people are very similar here about how they view religion. We are religious because it is a tradition, many people do not even follow the religion closely, they are just in the church because the whole country is, and to say you don't believe makes you an outsider.

Not everyone from countries with more religious freedom will understand that in these situations you cannot just do what you want, because religion is too much of a part of life in some societies.

I get through it by having a few trusted friends who share my beliefs (or don't mind them) and by simply keeping quiet in most cases so that I won't seem disrespectful. It involves a lot of biting my tongue and not saying what I really want to say.

Good luck to you 

thanks for sharing Malta's.

I just wish I can live freely.

I don't know how it is for others, but for me, religious either remained silent or gave me what I call the "Passive Gospel" which is: yield, pray, obey, forgive, turn the other cheek, crucify myself daily in imitation of the crucified christ and rejoice in my crucifixion. Silence in the face of family violence is to imply agreement. By my staying silent, I acquiesced to the imperatives. Nothing changed, rather the battering became worse. My mother and grandmothers acquiesced and they died battered. 

Sick! Disgusting! Outrageous! Unacceptable! Wrong! Crime! Assault and battery! 

No! silence is useless. For those who buckle under the oppression find no relief but through death. Hurt someone's feeling? Of course; why not? what does one have to lose?  

very logical and convincing

i just lose being socially accepted in my town, i'll think about it.


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