This is meant to be a hysterical thread for any jokes you want to make about this topic but also to serve as a serious place for me to understand further how Atheists think...

I considered myself an Atheist for quite a while but it just never felt right. I wasn't really being "me," but I was trying to please someone I'm being me. I DO think there is a TON of evidence and proof that God does in fact exist.

But this thread is not about me. It's about you. I want to know what would it take for you to say, "YES that's it!" What "evidence" or "proof" are you looking for? What EXACTLY would you need to see to be able to say, "Wow yes, there is a God..."....A scientific journal article? A scientific experiment? Richard Dawkins saying it? lol...What? What could possibly persuade you to suddenly believe that there is a God.

And because I know it's probably going to happen there are some rules for participation

Rule #1. No spinning this back on me. I'm asking YOU what YOU think. If you want to ask me what i think start a different thread for that.

Rule #2. No ducking the question. Saying, "the "onus" is on you to prove." No. That's not going to fly here. We're not discussing the "on us" argument. We're discussing what would it take for you to be convinced. A lightning bolt up your ass on a sunny day? A surfer Jesus knock on your door? lol...OK I'm being sarcastic. But seriously WHAT?

Have at it!

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I would just like to say that in the year that I have actively used this site, this is definitely the best thread overall with the responses.

The evidence I would need to believe in that which theists have religious faith is for that particular deity to contact the entire world, at the same time, in regard to its existence rather than hiding and expecting its followers to spread its word based on nothing more than mere faith. 

Evidence is relative to the claim. We have all read through the justification, so I will skip it.

Faith is not evidence.

Personal Experience is evidence for a single person. Recommendations on Yelp are on an equivalent level and would not count for much more than 1% proof the Customer Service or product quality is under par.

Multi Personal Experience is more convincing than a single experience, but you come back to the Yelp problem.

Video Evidence gets us much further, but we all understand movie magic enough to know special effects make everything possible.

Video Evidence from a Reputable Source like trusted, recognized media is much better than mobile phone video from one angle.

Video Evidence from Multiple Reputable Sources gets us further. I believe there is a war in Syria, but I will never know more than what is reported in media, and be skeptical of motive.

Sharing an experience with a friend get us further. I practice Tai Ji and know the benefits after 10 years. Other players immediately recognize each others' experience and quickly understand the topic. Conveying the personal benefit is incredibly difficult; worse than convincing someone to get a vaccine.

I would say sharing an experience is the best evidence of a claim. Must research Mind Melds.

The Kool-aid was especially good today

Reminds me to never, EVER underestimate the power of human self-delusion.

Hey Pope, you took out the other person I was addressing!

The last paragraph was pointed in his direction.'s one.  My son-in-law lost the lower part of his leg in a motorcycle accident.  A few of his religious family members were praying for him.  IF HIS LEG/FOOT had sprouted and regrown...I might've believed their prayers were heard.

It saved Tinkerbelle, though, didn't it?


"saved Tinkerbelle"

:0  tinkerbell's been saved?  Praise Jesus and his 12 Dwarfs.

Yeah but God is just a concept.

Yes Davis, but can you explain what energy is?? :-)


"can you explain what energy is??"

Yes....Coffee. :)


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