This just came up in my facebook. It made me think.

What do you think would happen?

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There would be quite an uproar from the right wing.  He'd be called a liar and deceiver (having stated he was Christian), un-American (According to George H. W. Bush atheists shouldn't be considered citizens), a lot more people would claim he was the antichrist, and a Congressman or two might push for impeachment, only embarrassing themselves, of course.
That's different from what the religious right already says about him how?
Eh, I don't think anything too different would happen.. they would just use it to demonize him so much that they get a Republican (or a Teabagger) in office in 2012... you know, what they do when he does just about anything, including breathe.
Newt would say he was an atheist muslim.
You are clearly correct, sir.
A few people might even say they'd prefer he was a Muslim instead of an atheist, because at least then he'd believe in a god.
There would probably be an impeachment trial, as this is "one nation under god" or some similar shit. Of course, it wouldn't go anywhere, but they'd bitch about it until he was out of office...

They'd all make the same kind of noise they make right now. You can't stop stupid people from being stupid... stupid sells papers/ad time.


Religion annoys the hell out of me... but politics in America is an even worse experience. Listening to people argue about fiscal policy, foreign policy, the economy.. etc.... is just an exercise in hypocrisy on both sides. Drives me insane to watch political "discourse". 

Bottom line: He wouldn't stand a chance of being reelected. The sad truth is that at the current moment in America, there's a better chance of electing a gay President than an atheist President (not knocking down gays but it shows that atheists in a sense are looked more down upon by the ignorant of society by even the intolerance shown towards gays)
Oh Obama would go down in flames if he ever proclaimed he was an atheist. No doubt about it in my mind. I agree with you (Sassan K.) that there would be a much better chance of a gay President. Atheists are the most hated group in this country (US), just barely a notch above Nazis.
Thx :). And oh people, there would be no impeachment trial. That violates our constitution. BUT, his political career would definitely be over.
We gay atheists are planning our own Resurrection....


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