This just came up in my facebook. It made me think.

What do you think would happen?

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They've assassinated presidents for less. America agrees by near consensus they would never vote an Atheist into office. That means they probably wouldn't keep him there, either. And do you think a nutso fundamental Christian would wait for the government to do so? No, because you can't kick somebody out of presidency because they're Atheist. Although states have constitutional clauses that prevent atheists from serving in political positions, the federal government follows the constitution that promises no religious bias. I guarantee if they found out he was Atheist, there would be multiple assassination attempts on him.

No "near consensus" about it.  The consensus is overwhelming.  No atheists!  That said, we do have in federal office one open atheist, Rep. Pete Stark, of California, and one undeclared nonbeliever, Senator Bernie Sanders, of my own state of Vermont. 

Bottom line, there will be no "finding out" that Obama is a nonbeliever.  He has come too far to betray himself at this point--assuming there is something for him to betray, which, sadly, I doubt.

Here is where I got the question from:


I doubt he would ever admit it especially while in office since it would be political suicide.

Plus his personal life would be invaded even more so with added mud slingers and religious linchmobs.

But this question did make me look at POTUS differently.

Thanks, Walter, but, hey, to be fair, the question at the site is not the one you offered here.  The original question is: "What would happen if the world knew Obama was an atheist?"  As phrased, that question poses a speculative set of conditions that leads to a rather different sort of discussion, one that proceeds nicely at the site.  The blog piece and the commentary are worth reading.
My intentional rewording to was to stoke up discussion. Then post the link of where I got the idea.
Good discussion, Walter---thanks again!
It is sad that the fundies have such a stranglehold on our government that the nontheist politicians  have to remain in the closet to avoid persecution.
It's not the fundies so much as the religionists in general, those who cannot entertain the possibility of a good and moral and responsible person who does not believe in any god, who doesn't pray or go to a church.  The prejudice is strong and deep, I'm afraid, and it's held to one degree or another by most believers in this country.  The fundies are a minority.
But they'd have something else on him that would be far, far more revolting to the great majority of Americans--and, even worse, it would be something far, far more solid, as well.


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