This just came up in my facebook. It made me think.

What do you think would happen?

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The question is based on a flawed premise.  I don't see how "they" (shouldn't that be "we"?) could "find out" Obama is an atheist unless he were to declare himself an atheist.  That is, he'd have to come out.  If he is a nonbeliever (and there are some serious people, like Jerry Coyne, who suspect that he is), then he has been skillfully and purposefully concealing his atheism for decades, presumably having recognized that his election to any major office would be impossible otherwise.

No one could out Obama.  He's a prayerful churchgoer and by all appearances a steadfast Christian.  He has his theism covered.  If, however, something were to get him to change his mind and to deliberately reveal his irreligiosity and nonbelief, then he would be doing so for a significant personal reason, one that would certainly shitcan his political agenda along with the presidency and also do some serious short-term damage to the Democratic party. 

In other words, if we were to find out that Obama is an atheist, the only plausible context (barring a mental breakdown) would doubtless also involve his resignation from office and from public life for profound personal reasons.  If, in this respect, Obama actually has been living a lie, we will not learn the truth until he is long out of office and very likely not even then.

In the case of him wanting to "get out", he would declare that his "doubts" started after he left the Presidency...

If he is a deceiptful atheist I doubt we will ever quite know, though perhaps he will want to "come clean" at a much later stage. I for one put the odds at 50/50 that he is one...

Presidents care deeply about the historical perception of their time in office, and a lie of this magnitude would forever tarnish his name. Best example would be Nixon. 

Don wrote:

 If, however, something were to get him to change his mind and to deliberately reveal his irreligiosity and nonbelief,


When pigs fly. Or at least when you put lipstick on one.

Well, by "something" what I had in mind was something profoundly life-changing, something that would cause him to decide that he had to be honest with himself and with the American people and be done with his grand deception, regardless of what his decision might lead to politically.  That is, something horrific and personal--I'm sure that in our imaginations we can all conceive of such a something.
One of the few things I like about Obama is that he is clearly an atheist.
Define "clearly" because I think you and I are working under different definitions of that word.
Yes, I would like to know what others regard as clear signs of Obama's atheism.  I've read both his books and have not found more than the suggestion that he is accepting of godlessness, as he all-but-declared in his inaugural address.  This intriguing subject has been discussed in detail over on Jerry Coyne's excellent blog, Why Evolution Is True, and no one has been able to point to any good evidence for Obama's putative nonbelief.
He'd be assassinated. Duh.
I personally would be elated. However, Republicans, especially the full hard-on right, they would attack his moral character relentlessly. You think the Palin and McCain adds an propaganda was band? Imagine the idiots at fox and Bill O'Rielly! He would turn it into a 3 ring West Baptist circus. Sadly even if OB was Atheist there would be no way he could bring something like that to light.
He would get impeached for something. Or assassinated.
Let's talk logical people....he wouldn't get impeached or assassinated but his political career would be over and it would hurt the Democratic party. Talks such as impeachment or assassination is illogical and irrational.


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