I'm curious as to what sort of event or discovery would be enough to "prove" the existence of a god to you?

Would it be hearing the god's voice in your head? Would it be an event predicted in some holy book? The god rearranging the stars of a particular galaxy to spell "Yes I'm real" in every known language, as viewed from Earth?

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That sounds good.... except for the drugs.... why make them disappear when you can just make them safe?


Floating mountains would convince me. It would look awsome too.

A small shred of objective evidence would be a start. There is none though. All gods remain completely hidden which leads me to conclude that they do not exist.

I think first before proving anything God must be defined as in the case of "ignosticism." It's also been said by those who've had religious or mystical experience that there is no longer no doubt, no ignorance, etc. of the nature of reality and where the divine stands, if it stands at all there from that point-of-view.

Are you serious?

Pretty serious. I mean, just read about people who've messed with DMT or have taken very high amounts of entheogens. Hell, try it for yourself.


Drilling a hole thru your skull in the right place 'works' too, hell, try it for yourself.

Drugs plus thinking does not equal reason, but it can be a good time.  Ever tried Opium?  That's some good shit. ;)

DMT is orders of magnitude different in its effect from opium. I wouldn't even compare the two. The only way I could imagine drilling a hole working out in that way is that if DMT is released, after all it is part of the NDE.

God himself 

One more grilled cheese Jesus and I'm sold.

Just for you, RobertPiano...

LOL nice Strega!


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