What would be a suitable punishment for the boys who bullied their bus monitor?

Have you seen the video?:

Leaving aside what the school or their parents might do, what would really serve the interest of justice?

Also, is no one teaching their children respect for elders anymore?

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Just seeing her receive around $500,000.00 in donations for their incredible rudeness, will probably be punishment enough

You've got to be kidding. You ARE kidding, right? You actually see that as punishment and not being let off the hook?

It was "tongue in cheek!"

Dear Folks:

I saw the video also. Watching it seemed to suggest to me that the dear woman has grounds for assault or harassment.

During a period in my life, I fell into a crapy housing situation. Over the first two years the neighborhood was 'owned' by local punks that had 24 hour parties, 2 week long July 4ths, etc. The local police where trying to crack down on these people, but were having trouble with the neighbors not making police reports. I started to make the needed police reports, and then told my neighbors what I had done and why. I opened my mouth to punks trashing flowers, firing pellet guns into the commons around children, and leaving drug and alcohol remains. Each of these got another police report. One day the police showed up, without my calling! WOW, it had started.

My front porch was vandelized, my tires cut on my truck, and another police report adnusium. One day a young kid tried to corner me with his girl friend and insulted me to my face, then reached out to touch me! "Kid do you know what you just did? You have now given me the power to trash your life via an assult charge! Thankyou!' Another police report!

Finally one day I showed up at home and found the neighborhood full of cops. The police had busted these people after finding a field full of pot behind our building among the tomatoes and sunflowers. It got very quiet after this.

I continue to check back with friends that still live there. It is still peaceful after 17 years. 

Oh, at least one of the boys is definitely guilty of assault. He talks about coming back the next day with his knife and slicing her. People wrongly think that "assault" means hitting or stabbing or otherwise causing physical harm to someone. No, that is battery. Plausible threats constitute a form of assault.

The first thing I would do in their case is to drop the veil of anonymity usually applying to underage offenders. I think everyone, especially in the school and local community, should know who the kids are that they should avoid by a naming of names.

Dear Unseen:

In this case these people were most likely younger than 18. While the vengful side of me would like a good old tar and feathering and a week in the stocks for their crap, the kind human being inside, just wants to teach them a leason. I figure that the courts and the community will find some 'appropriate' correction. I am adverse to jail time or JUVI, for fear that we will just create better criminals. In my experience many bullies can out grow their crap, but true psychos never, but optimism springs eternal. We do not know the family background of these kids, additional marginalization could just add to their problems and ours.

When I was a kid, for many years we had a hugely obese bus driver with a giant wart on her face. Sure, the kids made fun of her and had nicknames for her but I never heard anyone say anything to her face. I'm sure she overheard things, but nothing as blatant as in the video.

The difference, of course, is that these kids went right after an adult like predators after prey. They sensed a vulnerability and went right for it. I was a kid once and of course we made fun of adults out of their earshot.

The idea that they would go on the attack like a pack of wolves, feeling that there would be no consequences—or not caring if there were, because any consequences they might anticipate weren't particularly scary—is what makes the video so shocking.

The next step for kids like this might easily be setting a sleeping homeless person on fire.

RE: "The next step for kids like this might easily be setting a sleeping homeless person on fire."

I can see that as a real possibility - the pack mentality tends to feed off itself.

You would be surprised that psychos like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer were victims of bullying themselves. So saying that kids that are bullies are psychopathic is not accurate. A psychopath is way beyond school bullying.

This should not surprise anybody. Schoolshooters are never bullies. It's always the silent kid that got pushed around. Of course it's the bullies fault for pushing them over the line, but while bullies obviously have something to compensate for (alcoholic parent, small dick etc), they're usually nothing more than your everyday worthless douchebag. These kids wont end up as psychopaths, they'll end up as stupid worthless garbage in dead end jobs.

I would need to know what authority this lady had, and if none, why not?

The lady should have gotten together with the bus driver, notified the school and the police, had the kids forcibly removed and banned from riding the bus until an appropriate punishment had been administered. Parents, forced to use their gas and time to drive the kid to school and back every day, for whatever length of time the punishment takes, are far more likely to make sure it never happens again, thereby serving to punish both the kid and the parent. Children learn what they live with.

I don't know who took the video, but it should have been confiscated as evidence.

I disagree that corporal punishment is a solution - CP only teaches that violence solves problems, and I can't see that those kids need to add that to their arsenal.


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