What would be a suitable punishment for the boys who bullied their bus monitor?

Have you seen the video?:

Leaving aside what the school or their parents might do, what would really serve the interest of justice?

Also, is no one teaching their children respect for elders anymore?

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"You wish?" - that's all you got?

No, "I know you are, but what am I?"

No, "I'm rubber and you're glue - everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you?"

No, "You mother wears army boots?" (Ok, I really had to reach for that last one!)

But, "You wish?" Really?!

No, of course not. After all, I've got YOU!

This time, YOU wish --

I didn't say their consequence is therapy, but having the event added to their academic records so they won't get scholarships and in case they go to university its there for everyone to see. That's more than enough for me.

That seems like punishment for punishment's sake, to anticipate some of the objections you will hear. It seems to have minimal corrective value. I'm not sure that satisfies justice much better than forgetting the kids and just punishing the parents and/or the school.

It will have an effect on them. Specially in a country like yours where quality eduaction is a luxury. When their time for going to college arrive and they can't land a scholarship, while all their other classmates do, that will hurt. When they see they have the grades needed to get accepted in the university of their dreams but are declined, it will hurt them. It's acutally very cruel, it's a sentence to a life of mediocrity.

Do what God would do. (2 Kings 2;23-25.) Put the boys in a field and have 2 she bears maul them.

..lmao, mr chase, hell YES.

The original post is about justice, not "solving the problem," retraining the or punishing the parents. It's about what would serve the interest of justice, not some way of taking the kids offf the hook by blaming the parents or the school. We might blame the other kids on the bus for not intervening, but what about teaching the perps a thing or two about justice?

But it's not YOUR choice!

Yes, true, but is not her fault her son commited suicide and thats not a reason to mock her and tell her "Your son comitted suicide because you are so ugly and fat and nobody wants to be with you not even him" too harsh.

Now we're blaming the victim!


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