What would be a suitable punishment for the boys who bullied their bus monitor?

Have you seen the video?:

Leaving aside what the school or their parents might do, what would really serve the interest of justice?

Also, is no one teaching their children respect for elders anymore?

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You know I was going to write a long post about a cool method of punishing them in cruel and funny ways but.. meh. We all know they're going to get away with it. They'll just move to another town/school and stay low and wait for everybody to forget the story. That'll happen quick, as soon as the media has another bullshit story to push. Society consists of stupid idiots with the memory of a fish, humans forget what they saw moments ago as soon as the next flashy light moves in front of their eyes. After some hippy babble they might be forced into counseling for a while, until they show everybody the greatness of the human spirit in that they seemingly turned into good citizens, but in reality they just got away with a cruel crime with no consequence.People will eat it up though, like starving Bangkok prisoners, because they just need heartwarming stories. The parents will not change at all. They're just as much worthless scum as the children they spawned. They'll stay the clueless bad parents they are, completely unaware of how much they suck at being parents.

But hey on a brighter note, at least the lady got rich off of it all. That's a minor sting to the bullies. They just made her rich.

I'd def say they should be kicked off the bus permanently.  While initially the kids might see it as cool not having to ride the bus the inconvenience placed upon their parents (hopefully) will force their hand in punishining them in some manner to get the point across to not be dicks.  Community service is a good one.  I also like the premise of making them wear the sandwich shop type sign exclaiming what they did while standing on a busy street corner for 8 hours. 

To the point of the apparent downward spiral of the youth, which is always a next generation thing,  I'd say its far more complex than just sparing the rod.  Obviously if you just look at the news which is right in front of your face at the moment and fresh in your mind with the knockout game,  school shootings,  the violated bus monitor etc.  it can make the days passed seem better but to me thats a shallow view of reality.  A larger population coupled with the internet and youtube and cameras every damn where things are much more visible now.  Parents are lazy too.  My sister would strap her kid in a carseat in front of the tv when she wanted free time to chat and talk on the phone.  He has lingering problems because of this. I think we can all agree that there are plenty of parents who simply should'nt be parents and that real discipline and engagement is lacking with most of these kids. 

Nobody has said that sparing the rod is the total answer. Of course it involves parents who are too lame to deny their kids' every want, too lame to set standards and limits for what they watch, to set rules for how they spend their spare time, whom they associate with, etc., etc., etc.

Today's parents from from an under-parented generation as well, which is why so many of them are lost.

Let's add one-parent homes into the mix, too.

The average 1950's young criminal :The average early 2000's young criminal:

I see some big differences :P

yeah they didnt have hoodies in the fifties

It won't be long before people start claiming satan appeared to them wearing a hoodie. I wonder if less young people use hoodies at nigh after the incident?

This whole thing just troubles the hell out of me. I mean, I can't help thinking that its criminally negligent, of the parents, to have raised a child with so little regard for others; be they adults OR other kids. There is an epidemic in the country (above all others) of bullying. I mean, kids grow up and shoot up schools!!!! We have free will, to a point, and I acknowledge the fact here and now.. lest an argument start.. but these kids who just..snap one day.. and can take no more.. are just as much a victim as the kids in their cross hairs. If you disagree with that, its your right to do so.. but you're ignorant. I was bullied.. kids were cruel to me.. i didn't dress the dress or walk the walk or talk the talk. I was raised by hippies in a world that had moved on to other things.. i was painfully different.. and too kind for my own good.. so I was an easy target. That said, no, I'd never shoot up a school, but I do have deep compassion for these children.  A person can only take so much.. before their spirit breaks.. and you simply do not come back from that. Mental illness notwithstanding, a sound child who derives great joy from being cruel to defenseless people..is a punk ass who needs the ever-loving shit beat out of his/her ass with a belt. I'm not suggesting child abuse.. but mean kids need an ass whooping. Plain and simple.. If you touch an open flame, you are burned. If you wait too long to go to the loo, you piss in your pants. If you eat ice cream too fast, you get brain freeze. Cause and effect, people. Ideally, the consequential effect is naturally occurring. If a child HAS no sense of remorse when he/she hurts someone, if their hard wiring doesn't support that basic reaction, then the natural feeling of shame cannot (ergo WILL not) serve as a proper consequence. A fundamental piece of an incredibly important equation is now missing.. and one of the most critical life lessons, therefore, is not learned. The 'don't be an asshole' lesson. THERE MUST BE A CONSEQUENCE!!! Tear their asses UP, people!!!  

Some people see a "consequence" as sending the kids to therapy. What makes more sense?" an eye for an eye, or a few sessions with Dr. Feldman for an eye?

RE: "a few sessions with Dr. Feldman for an eye" - it would have been funnier if you had said, "a few sessions with Dr. Feldman for an arm and a leg."

But then, humor really isn't your strong suit. I must have forgotten, what is?:P tongue

I would have made your joke if getting a laff was my main purpose. My strong suit? Demolishing your arguments...DUH! ;)

RE: "My strong suit? Demolishing your arguments...DUH! ;)"http://api.ning.com/files/uso0NvsEja148qMhgTl5tcWI-occJ79jQ2Z-m*UHkmJUfwm0R4ANrFKHS2jyJmoRHF13Bsf5ewFRdxSMCaNajbLQIZ2nJ5s4/icon_roflmao.gif

You got that from Man of La Mancha, right? "To dream the impossible dream --"

You wish!


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