What would be a suitable punishment for the boys who bullied their bus monitor?

Have you seen the video?:

Leaving aside what the school or their parents might do, what would really serve the interest of justice?

Also, is no one teaching their children respect for elders anymore?

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What the hell started THIS???

You didn't notice the video in the original post?

Kick them off the bus for a year.

Why, so they can cause havoc off the bus?

The school and current regulations don't allow you to do anything to the kids, you can't say anything and if it becomes violent you don't have the right to protect yourself. The driver could have called this in, stopped the bus and waited for the school to send security. The problem is respect, and the rules as they are at this time. 

Is it just a coincidence that this sort of behavior on the part of kids roughly coincides with a theory of discipline that forbids corporal punishment? My generation turned out a lot better than this one seems to be turning out and we had to face being paddled in school and being spanked or manhandled at home.

I don't think so.

You are addicted to anecdotal evidence aren't you? You wouldn't believe the evidence of aggregate society as long as you know this person or that who seems to provide a counter case reinforcing your beliefs.

How did you come to be an atheist anyway? Apparently, through some anecdotes a neighbor told you over the fence.

If by the violence in society you are referring to gang violence, for example, that is due more to the absence of authority figures and absentee parents (fathers who abandon their families, parents involved in drugs, etc.), not due to spanking. To think that spanking causes that is, well, hilariously ridiculous.

As for book reading, people tend to read books that will affirm their own beliefs. Just as airhead conservatives will gravitate toward FOX News rather than the Public Television news.

If someone recites things they supposedly learned from books, my first reaction is to try to find out if any of those books actually challenged their core beliefs to any degree.

Thank you Karen and Tiffany! I chose early on not to spank my children and now, they collectively have a drawerfull of Master's Degrees, are all successful in their fields, bypassed the drugs and alcohol phase entirely, and have happy, stable marriages - oh, and for what it's worth, I was their best friend. Say what you like about "Hippy nonviolence" - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

@Tiffany - RE: "how they walked to school barefoot, in the snow, uphill, for 36 miles"

You're a younger parent than I am, so let me give you a little advice - next time you use that, make sure and say it was uphill both ways! It's good to watch, as they get older, when it finally dawns on them how impossible that is, and you get the, "Hey --" look. That's when you know your little kid is growing up.

Parenting HAS to be fun, otherwise, what's the use?

Its not the lack of physical discipline which produces these out of control youngsters... its the lack of any discipline. That's my conclusion after observing moms and dads in the home, on the bus, about a hundred episodes of Super Nanny, etc.

I really enjoyed watching one mother and her out of control kid... her doing the whole, "if you do that again I'm going to swat your butt!" "I really mean it this time!" Of course your kid doesn't believe you after the 15th time of "really mean[ing] it." You're a liar and he knows it, lady.

Please be fair, there is big difference between pointless physical abuse of a child and making a point to your child. Yes, most people don't get it right and they end up abusing their children both physically and psychologically because they're complete idiots who are overwhelmed with raising a child - but it is definitely not the same thing.

By the way, does anyone remember this fine gentleman?


He posted follow up videos too, his method worked and he did make a point.

Now let's find those parents' phone numbers and tell them to smash their kids' fancy iphones and game consoles.


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