What would be a suitable punishment for the boys who bullied their bus monitor?

Have you seen the video?:

Leaving aside what the school or their parents might do, what would really serve the interest of justice?

Also, is no one teaching their children respect for elders anymore?

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inb4 hippies babble about how these kids need a caring talk about respect and love

Also, is no one teaching their children respect for elders anymore?

While I don't believe that people owe others respect by default, that doesn't mean people shouldn't teach their children how to behave towards others, no matter what age, gender, etc.

Kids just piss me off, and more so do their parents who don't teach their kids anything but being little assholes. They don't teach this explicitly, but implicitly. Imagine this: you in an airplane, and some stupid kid yelling around unable to shut up for 10 seconds. The mother is doing nothing about it. She is sitting right next to the kid, reading a magazine, completely agnostic of her son being an annoying little shit...

It doesn't matter how much time she spends at home telling him to be nice to people and to believe in jesus and whatnot. Because as long as she doesn't tell him to shut his mouth on the plane because other people might be annoyed, that kid is going to learn that he can behave however the hell he wants.

The problem are the parents. I'm not saying the kids are innocent, like some hippies might claim, but the main factor are the stupid parents. Every parent has this genetic defect where they think their kids are special, unique, smart and little prodigies.. yadda yadda, you know? So what they do is they teach that to their children, they teach them to be arrogant little pricks and take whatever they want because they're so special, unaware of the fact that to everybody else on the planet their children are just annoying garbage. I see this a lot in Turkish parents, no matter boy or girl.

btw: I didn't watch the video. I honestly cannot stand kids, much less a bunch of douchey teenagers for 10 minutes.

I overheard about 5 seconds of it, and now I'm not going to say "just beat them," because I don't want to deal with the supernannies here telling me how evil that is.. but I see no harm in throwing them into the wilderness for a month or so. And the parents should get neutered.

While I don't believe that people owe others respect by default, that doesn't mean people shouldn't teach their children how to behave towards others, no matter what age, gender, etc.

While we shouldn't teach kids respect for elders no matter what, they should be taught to value the people who take the time to teach them and care for them. This poor lady is almost a volunteer at the rate of pay she receives. She's there for their benefit and no doubt would attempt to stop any kid-on-kid bullying, but instead they turn on their caretaker.

Teachers nowadays have to put up with a lot of crap knowing that if they try to do anything about it, they'll likely be hearing from parents backing up their perfect little angels.

Worse, kids receive no love at school anymore. When I went to school, a teacher could hug a young child who needed it. Today, she (or especially he) would like be suspected of being a pedophile. And kids are often prevented from hugging each other, too, making schools more like prisons than homes away from home.

What a fucked up world we've created with the best of intentions.

I agree with what the bible would probably say about this and throw them against a stone wall or take a wooden stick to their read end or something.

Maybe they should be her servants for a year. That way they might realize that life's already a bitch for an elderly person. They don't need insolent kids making it worse.

Isn't seven years the standard term for biblical slavery?

I'm a strong believer in direct consequences. First off, these kids get to walk to school from here on. Until they can show that they can behave as part of a civil society, they don't get to reap the benefits of that society.

first good suggestion I've read so far.

Could we combine it with a bunch of kids making fun of them and threatening physical harm as they walk along? Let's get some "eye for an eye" going on here! (One instance when I agree with The Bible, Old Testament.)

..sigh. i realy sort of think that the ones who should be held most accountable.. are the parents. No way in hell will my child ever be a bully. I won't tolerate it. No parent should. Teach your children to be compassionate. You fail them otherwise. Simple as that. Now, to answer your question, i think calling in a favor from some hells angels or the defensive line from the varsity football team to effectively torment those boys til they feel defeated.. would do the trick. If they lack basic human kindness, the severity of corporal punishment will only reinforce their apathy.. hurt pride & hurt feelings trump hurt asses.

Not JUST the parents. Obviously, they haven't a clue how to parent. Probably the type who want to be buddies with their kids and not authority figures, or else they are absentee.

No, dealing with the parents is one thing. Dealing with the kids will have to be handled separately.

I agree that the parents are mostly to blame for allowing their kids to become little shitheads.

However, what no one seems to be talking about is the school's role in all this. This poor woman is obviously in no way equipped to deal with this sort of behaviour, and yet the school allowed her to be put in that situation?! I'm sure (or at least I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt) that they initially acted with the best of intentions, but I suspect the situation shown in this video didn't appear out of the blue. I'll bet these kids have been pushing their luck with this woman for a while now and the responsible thing would have been for her to have been replaced by someone who was able to deal with them before thing got out of hand.

I know, hindsight blah, blah, blah... but I have a hard time understanding how anyone could have thought that putting a timid little old lady on a bus full of unruly kids was a good idea.

Not that any of this absolves the little shitheads. I just think all of the "adults" could have behaved a little more responsibly here. Perhaps that's also part of the kids problem - no one is actually setting a good example to them.

Don't blame the schools. And don't blame the school system for undertraining the poor women. Only a large and scary martial arts expert with a pitbull and a sidearm (with the right to use whatever force necessary) would have caused that rabble to fall in line.

Most school systems are already struggling to keep afloat, cutting programs in the arts and gymnastics, to keep the academic courses going. I know: my daughter is a teacher and I hear all about it.

I also hear about the incompetent and absentee parents who, as many have pointed out, are the ultimate cause of kids like the ones taunting and even threatening that poor woman.

Give up on the parents. The kids need to be dealt with separately and the parents need to be forced to go along with whatever program or punishment/reformation is decided upon.


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