it's obvious the bible is bedtime stories to explain what people didn't understand.

so, when your pet dies, what do you tell your child when s/he asks "where does fluffy go when he dies?"

just curious, cause I've sometimes wondered what I would tell my kids (if I have any)

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When my daughter asked this, I told her the truth: no one knows for sure.  I explained to her what different people believe, but that the truth is, it's a mystery.

Good answer!
Death is not a mystery! It's simply the end of life, why complicate things??????

One must first begin by being a professional in terms of beliefs and not express opinions as facts, otherwise one is no different than those one would accuse of spreading a lie. First, "bible" is spelled with a capital "b", Bible. In addition, to say "it's obvious the bible is bedtime stories..." is historically and scientifically not a true statement. Before one can answer a child's question truthfully, one must have one's facts straight in order to provide a comprehensible answer. I'm speaking as a scientist. One must not loose focus of one's endeavor to discover the "truth" and not propagate unsubstantiated opinions or propaganda; otherwise one is providing the other side with the ammo to damage this cause.


Dr. Angel Perez

There are plenty of great children's books to use as bedtime stories.  The bible is one of the last books I would have read to my sons........children's version or not.  As a conscious choice, I also no longer capitalize 'bible' or 'god.'  As Adriana stated - who's holy book?  The torah?  The koran?  Also, as has been stated by myself and a few others, there are certain topics that we do not know exact facts about - for example, what happens after we die.  I don't think we necessarily have to have all the facts before talking to children about these topics.  We still owe it to them to be as honest as we can be about what we do know and what we do not know.  I think it's safe to say that we are all her to 'discover' truths and not propagate unsubstantiated opinions.

There are no truths in the bible, it's a book of opinions only. To even mention the word "scientific" in the same sentence is an insult.


Signing Dr. is pretty funny...

I was 7-8 when our lovely black poodle ran in front of an uncoming car in front of my eyes.


He was just dead. I was sad, but that was that.


My mom picked him up and put him in the bottom basket of my little sister's stroller, we brought him home and burried him. He was missed for a while, but the pain goes away.


My mom didn't NEED to say anything... we know that death is the end of life, as birth is the beginning of life. There is no judgement call there, they are equal in grandeur.


So where does fluffly go when he dies... his flesh returns to the earth, to feed the earth.

Well, Agnosticism for start ... I dont know why some people assum that Kids can not grow up without God

Our dog, the only dog we've had as a family, is getting up there in years.  He'll be eleven this year, and even though my kids are all adults, I keep telling them, "love him and remember these moments with him.  We won't have him forever, and when he's gone he'll live on only as long as we remember him."


Waiting for death to happen before we prepare kids is an error, in my thinking.

I would love to be as honest as possible, but even as an atheist I can't claim to know for certain.  I know that I absolutely believe there is no god as far as god has been defined in any way that I've ever heard, and I really don't believe in any sort of spiritual afterlife - but I really can't claim to be certain that consciousness doesn't continue in some form.  The difference between me and a theist, though, is that I don't make up fairy tales to fill in the gaps.  I guess I would try to deal with it from a biological perspective and say that we'll never know for sure about the rest until we get there ourselves.
They go into a permanent sleep without the dreams and all the twitching! They don't remember what it was like before being born, so they won't remember anything after death!  It balances itself out! They return to that wonderful energy of the sun so they can give life to the newborn animals.  Works for people too!


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