it's obvious the bible is bedtime stories to explain what people didn't understand.

so, when your pet dies, what do you tell your child when s/he asks "where does fluffy go when he dies?"

just curious, cause I've sometimes wondered what I would tell my kids (if I have any)

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As of now I'm letting them think for themselves. The know the concept of heaven and hell. They learned it both from church(mother/ ex-wife takes them sometimes) and us. My son understands my position on religion, and that we will not force him to go either way. My daughter Is still a bit too young to understand.

We have all live in pretty rural areas so theyare used to dealing with animal life and death and it's pretty routine.

Human death is a bit more difficult. When my mother died I told them that Nana , died and she didn't hurt anymore. My daughter(7) mentioned heaven, and my son(10) never really said much other than he misses her. We do visit her grave from time to time where the kids have taken it upon themselves to immediately pull weeds and place a little something they brought for her on the headstone.

We let them believe/not believe in whatever they want as long as it don't hurt them or anyone else, and they do not force it on anyone. My son has pretty much weened himself off the notion of Santa. My daughter will straight up ask if someone if they believe in him, and then say she does.She never gets mean about it if they don't or if they try to convince that he don't.

As a recent WE THINK ATHEIST video said, "Teach your kids HOW to think, not WHAT to think."

I will tell him/her the truth: That no one knows what life and death is, and no one knows what happens after that. It is a mystery, and actually makes me so curious sometimes I just can't wait to die - to find out!


I would tell my child the truth - I refuse to speak down to my child no matter what age they may be - I think if you treat a child as an adult from their birth - Their mindset will become accustomed to it. 


IMO, parents that treat their children like children will have children that act like children.  


I have no idea if I'm correct - But If a child asks me about 'fluffy' - I will tell them what death is.  If my child asks me 'what were those strange sounds I heard from the bedroom?'  I would tell them what love and sex is.  


Every question a child asks is because of curiosity - To not answer to their curiosity is in a way not nurturing it - and to toss it aside with the thought 'they are too young to be told the truth' - I find you are still lying to them.  


Don't lie to your children.  

You have to do things at an age appropriate level.   A 4 year old wont understand sex the same way a 14 year old will.  IMO, children should be allowed to act like children.  They will grow up quickly as it is.  I see nothing wrong with allowing a little imagination, creativity, and fun in their lives.
I totally agree Moria

There is a good book that covers a lot of areas for children who are not going to be raised by the deluded.

It is called "Raising Freethinkers"

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Do you think it is written in a global perspective

I mean I m living in a society of Islam radicals what should I do?

please advise.


Yes it is very global - it does not value any religion - without being too anti-religious. I will send you a pdf if you want. My email is on "my page".

Send me if you think that it is not violation of copyright things etc.

Thanks my dear.

We bought this book a year ago and really does teach you alot!

I will be buying this book. Thank You :)

Be honest with your kids.  Make sure they understand that you are doing your best to tell them the truth.


I've got 20, 17, and 10 year olds whom I've raised telling them there is no such thing as Santa Claus.  At the same time I have raised them in church while considering myself a Christian.  Now I have to let them know that I was wrong, I don't consider myself to be a Christian anymore and many of the things they've learned in church were wrong.


Fortunately, this still allows me to consider that I've always been honest with them.  As best I could, I've told them the truth as I understood it.  And they respect me for it.


Talk to your kids, constantly.  Tell them that they might have to pretend to not understand things when they're with other adults, as a matter of courtesy, but as far as you're concerned, you will always be honest with them and you'll tell them everything you've learned. 


To do anything less is negligent parenting.


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