it's obvious the bible is bedtime stories to explain what people didn't understand.

so, when your pet dies, what do you tell your child when s/he asks "where does fluffy go when he dies?"

just curious, cause I've sometimes wondered what I would tell my kids (if I have any)

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It depends on how old my child is and what type of person he or she is, I suppose.

I plan on being as truthful and age appropriate as I can. But, since I am not a parent yet, I realize that many of my plans will probably be sacrificed once the reality of raising kids comes home to roost.
wow lol... I didn't realize how old this discussion was. I was like... Reggie... you... you are a parent. HA!
Lol!! yea I wondered why I suddenly got a barrage of emails in my inbox replying to this thread!
No kids here, nor do I plan to have any.

But if such a situation arose, I'd want to tell them the truth, delivered in as caring and comforting a manner as possible.
Had to do this one with some fish that got flushed. Sorta cheated on this one though because my son watched Finding Nemo and immediately told me that they were returned back to the ocean. As for other animals though (like in the wild), I've been straight forward with him on it. Tried not to get too graphic about what happens to the body after they die in the woods or where ever, but he got the point.

If a furry pet dies, again, straight forward.
How about "Let's go to the pound and get a new pet and ask it where Fluffy went!". And a new video game just to make sure the pouting stops.
Bribery? The very thing I swore I would never do....and the first thing I'm sure to cave in on!
You call it bribery, I call it "random positive feedback".

I thought about this some more and remembered what actually happened after both grandfathers and several pets had died -- "all life ends in death but your friends and relatives remember you just like you remember your relatives and friends that die. Pets and people are wonderful examples of other lives that we get to share so treat everyone like you would like to be treated and you will have lots of friends that remember you when you are gone."
You call it bribery, I call it "random positive feedback".

Haha! Touche'.

I like the sentiment you expressed.
I truly love this ;) and I shall use it (if you don't care that is)
"The same place he was before he was born."
"Fluffy lives in your memory now. Even though you can't play with him anymore he's still part of your life."

Hopefully without making them think we have a fluffy-ghost in the house... o.O
Yes, we must leave the brain eating, Fluffy ghost out of this. ;)


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