When it comes to death, either we or our family has to decide what to do with the body. When I look at countries burying people in layers or like this Jewish Church in the Czech Republic, Kutna Hora, I find myself shaking my head. Link http://www.wayfaring.info/2007/06/09/a-unique-work-of-high-and-late... The same stuff happens in cemeteries. They'll double sell plots now. We stockpile people like cord wood in the ground, or in churches, but what's the end game? Just keep stacking? Why?

Religiously speaking a Jew isn't to be cremated. It's against tradition. Christians are waiting for Jesus to return and since it's going to happen any day now, you should be buried so that he can raise you up. But for Atheists, do any of us want to be buried? I have chosen donating my body to science (gotta finish that paperwork) and the remains will be cremated, not that I care what happens. If you have chosen burial, what drives you to that decision? If not, why not?

For me, I just fantasize that I might be able to add to a statistic understanding or scientific experiment and give a few organs to those in need.

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Thank you for asking this question in a public forum.  It isn’t something that is always easy to think about.  In the United States there are a few different options for end-of-life options, including whole body donation for medical research and education.  I actually work for a whole body donation program, Science Care (www.sciencecare.com). Being in this industry, I can tell you that donation is an absolutely amazing gift and we are so grateful for the people who donate so generously.


One thing I will caution folks about is to make sure and do your research about whole body donation programs. We recommend only signing up with a program that holds to the highest quality and safety standards and, at the least, has been accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). Science Care was the very first whole body donation program in the United States to become accredited with the AATB.  You can see the full list of accredited non-transplant tissue banks on their website: www.aatb.org.


Full disclaimer: I work for Science Care, the country's first accredited whole body donor program. www.sciencecare.com

Thumbs up! Loved that book!
I'd like to donate my body to science.  Maybe even to my current college for their cadaver dissection class.  I'd also like to donate my organs/tissues, if possible.  The rest will be burned.  I don't believe in my dead body taking up unnecessary (and needed for the living) space.  My husband wants to be buried, purely for egotistical reasons.  He wants people to come visit "him" and put things on his grave.  I continue to try to talk him out of this.  I tell him that I'm going to skin him and tan him (he has put a lot of money into some nice tattoos) and display him in the living room for the grandkids. 
*shudder* well, that has put me off of leather forever now ;)

I'm trying to talk my husband into organ donation, but he's squeamish about it.
The grandkids will always remember you for your ... thoughtfulness. ;-)
It will go to science and organ donation. If they master some kind of suspension I would opt for that until I can be brought back into vitality, Although I am not confident it will happen in my lifetime.
One lifetime is not enough for you?
I  would say cremated , but I know that i wil be buried since it is the only option here ...
I've checked the box to donate my organs and I've told my husband that I would like to be cremated.  Ideally, I'd like my ashes to be spread in Mexico, but as I live, that may change ;)

What can be used by science to them, the rest I would prefer to be cremated. Not that I really care, I just really hate the thought of being buried alive..

Oh, and the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora is Catholic, not Jewish. :)

I would just like to add a story about 'Bob in a bag'. Bob was a skydiver who jumped in the early days with some of the senior members of my old club. He was also one of the earliest skydivers to have the last wish granted of having his ashes spread in freefall. Anyway, Pink Terry and The Komander put Bob's ashes in a plastic bag and prepared for the jump, with plenty of people joking about 'Bob in a bag'. Pink Terry and The Komander linked up as they got up to speed, and as Pink Terry pulled Bob-in-a-bag out of his jumpsuit the bag ripped and Pink Terry wound up inhaling a horrible stream of human ash. They tell the story a lot better, but I hope that I told it well enough to get at least a few laughs.

Oh, and if die a sudden death, I hope someone arranges it to look like a suicide caused by the unjust cancellation of Firefly. First Science fiction, otherwise, science.



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