When it comes to death, either we or our family has to decide what to do with the body. When I look at countries burying people in layers or like this Jewish Church in the Czech Republic, Kutna Hora, I find myself shaking my head. Link http://www.wayfaring.info/2007/06/09/a-unique-work-of-high-and-late... The same stuff happens in cemeteries. They'll double sell plots now. We stockpile people like cord wood in the ground, or in churches, but what's the end game? Just keep stacking? Why?

Religiously speaking a Jew isn't to be cremated. It's against tradition. Christians are waiting for Jesus to return and since it's going to happen any day now, you should be buried so that he can raise you up. But for Atheists, do any of us want to be buried? I have chosen donating my body to science (gotta finish that paperwork) and the remains will be cremated, not that I care what happens. If you have chosen burial, what drives you to that decision? If not, why not?

For me, I just fantasize that I might be able to add to a statistic understanding or scientific experiment and give a few organs to those in need.

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I've donated my body to science as well and will be cremated. I see no point in tying family down to a specific plot of ground to 'visit me'. When I'm gone, I'm gone. Just remember me in my thoughts without some artificial geographic constraints. What why wife does with my ashes is up to her. Keep them, plant them for vegitation to feed of of, etc... She actually says she'd love to have my ashes jettisoned into outer space. Just as my matter originated there, so shall it return. It's a poetic thought, but I can't help but think that it'd be rather costly. Actually, cost is another reason I would never want to be buried. It just seems so unfair to saddle those I leave behind with buying a casket, plot, holding a funeral, etc. I don't want any of that stuff! I'll be used for scientific education, cremated (for free) and those that want can just have a BBQ and share stories about me if they want. Not an occasion made to be depressing... Rather, a celebration of a life well lived (I hope) and a nice gathering for those I loved. Heck, it might not be a bad idea to set aside a fund to provide an open bar. lol
I feel pretty much the same way. Even though I think they have enough studies about disaster areas without the need of my body. lol
Same.  Donate entire body, all organs and whatever is usable.  Even for dissection in a university, I don't really care, whatever is most useful.  I doubt my organs are going to be in all that good shape, so I figure that's the next best thing.   I think it's a crime to waste all valuable real estate for dead bodies.
I'm getting past the point where anyone would want my organs, but I sign the card anyway.  Unless my corpse can be used for science, I would prefer to be 'bio-digested'.  That is to say, I wish there were a body disposal plant that had big 'fermenter' tanks where corpses were dumped in to be consumed by well adapted micro organisms, giving off methane that could be captured for use, and putting out a rich fertilizer product that could be used in flower gardens or some such crap.  In other words, the method of corpse disposal in Soylent Green is actually my ideal and no horror movie at all to me.
Cremated and then shot into space or wrapped up in cotton and buried under a tree.
What's the significance to the cotton?
Biodegradable, like me.
I have thought about the space thing.
Organ donation, and then possibly donating my body to science or an "open air burial" which is where they just throw you in the hole with no coffin so that you can immediately be recycled back into the environment (most likely as worm food, lol).
Is that legal everywhere? I've never heard of it.

While I would love to have control over my remains (organ donation, science), I won't be around to fight or approve what my survivors choose. Still, for those atheists who decide now not to fight the religious wishes of their relatives, I can understand that. Burials are for the living. It's one of their mourning rituals. Who doesn't want to have their lives worth mourning over?

I think i might have to do the same Nelson.


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