Technology seems to advance faster in certain areas more than others. For example, in communication it advances especially fast. It's almost as if technology has an agenda and communication is paramount. Extra emphasis almost seems to be placed on it. Being that technology is an extension of evolution it must operate by the same principles. And it does seem to. Random mutation can be accounted for in experimentation. Communication is a primary goal of technology because it helps technology flourish and achieve its other goals by allowing the ideas to be spread, adapted, peerly reviewed and improved upon.

One thing seems certain if we acknowledge where our means of communication came from, where it is today and going tomorrow. We can project where it will be in the more distant future. We are essentially becoming a telepathic species. We already can communicate with someone from anywhere on the planet. Whenever we want. One day we will all have the capability of being connected by our minds in real-time, as many participants as we wish. At which point we will have a new medium of voice. It will be that of choosing which ideas to share, which emotions, which memories, visions, dreams? We will no longer be limited to communicating by means of sounds created by passing wind through various pieces of flesh. We will have a new platform for language. What will it be like. You could meet a person and with a wink... send them your contact information and a few songs and movies you might think they will like. This is the type of thing that normally happens throughout multiple encounters today. Happening in the blink of an eye. No more limitations of tactile computers.

When this happens too... EVERYONE in the world will have access to the internet and will be part of the global conversation. What problems will these people solve for themselves and how will WE apply that technology to improve OUR lives. We will be a collective, with the purpose of solving humanities grandest challenges. The Earth catapulted into a healing mode. Our intelligence will be so far beyond what it is today that we can't even fathom what we will solve and discern. I believe religion will be one of the first things we learn from. At this point I believe we will all learn the value of critical thinking and rationality. Not to mention at this point.. our COMPUTERS will aid our thinking making us all incredibly intelligent individually. Imagine the extent at which all of these factors will multiply each others effectiveness while weighing in on the global intelligence of our species? Exciting!

I suppose spoken language will slowly but largely become obsolete. Still used by those unable or unwilling to connect their minds for whatever reason. However, many may never learn it. I think we might use our spoken language within our minds for a time... passing words back and forth but with the new tools we will quickly find far better alternatives. English for example will become something similar to Sanskrit.And similarly... most other forms of language will still exist. But natural selection will allow for this new language to flourish far beyond what English ever did.

I wish we had a Futurism or Technology or Techno-Optimism discussion forum!

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Sadly I will not be there when this future happens but I guess it will be an interesting time

Who knows when this will happen. We may very well all get to see it. We may none of us get to see it in our lifetime.

For me, with most emerging technologies and advances in humanity. I try and see the big picture and not worry about whether or not I get to see it but be glad to be a part of the cycle of life who will ultimately create it.

Don't misunderstand me, I am glad to be part of the cycle who will ultimately create it. Am also cognizant of the rapid developments in IT but I think for a while to come whereas communication maybe visual, some of the traditional methods that we use may still be most dominant

You mean like the Chinese curse?: "May you live in interesting times"

Augmented reality will be huge in the future. And yes, its probable that ideas we place within and what we visualize in our augmented reality will likely be able to be pushed to anothers augmented reality as well.

I'm not talking glasses thought. I'm talking directly to their mind.

We always wonder how will we ever create this holographic displays we see in film. There is no technology that allows for it. I think we will skip this altogether and it will be done within our minds.

Technology can abstract us from details.

I could flash tons of information at you. If you can't process it, it is useless. Say I communicated 6,000 movie titles to you in 10 nanoseconds, what would you do with that? You can read a book the old fashioned way and take ten years to comprehend the meaning. As a computer designer, this is the story of my life. Just never enough processing power or memory to crunch the data. As we abstract applications away from the transistors, we need more processing power and memory. The net gain is not all that great. I could do a lot with Lotus123 running on DOS back in the 80's. Not sure Excel is any better at all, however I had to actually know more about the mathematical fundamentals to use 123.

I design avionics. The big concern is not to "overload" a pilot's senses, keep them focused. If you ever landed in a fog bank, it's because the pilot was not in control at all. The radios and computers landed that aircraft. Technology will abstract us from details.

Interesting... my brother is a pilot for a major airline.. he says they barely do anything while they're flying. Amazing to me.

About processing power. I agree, I wasn't trying to say you would send a song or a movie and they would instantly absorb it...I more meant send it for them to enjoy when they had the time. HOWEVER, We are going to have the ability to properly absorb information eventually. We already have brain pacemakers being implanted in Alzheimer patients. As I said above, eventually computers will be aiding us to think, process, store data and solve problems.

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Well hello there! You seem like a charming and intelligent young man!

That is the final answer to the OP's question.

In the future, we will divide into two societies - the Eloi will continue using multisyllabic English, while the Morloks will use cell phone text-speak.


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