*************************************************************************************************************************************** quoting   the conclusion   of  " the Evolution concept "  and the beginning of all organists ;   that , some molecules and atoms combined together to  constitute   some biological  cells ( by accident ) and these cells  started  to multiply and produce different organists , and  evolution  occurred due to the " natural selection " and\or, due to the variations of the surrounding environments…. etc. It is a nice  hypothesis…., but we still have  some questions :-

1) what is  the source of  all these  ' atoms ' , (material) from which , the first cells were assembled    ??

2) if  we could move  back on the ' time line ' ,  when was the beginning of  this world  around us ?  where , the accident of  ' cell assembly '  occurred ?? and what  was  before this  beginning ??

3) if  we could move  forever  in any direction , in the universe ,  what will be at   the end ?  is it more space ? then we  still in our world. is it blocked by some material ? then what is behind …?

hoping to find logical  answers , in order to get better  understanding  to our existence..... 

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Shortly after this Muslim finished the interview with Dawkins he handed me a DVD called “Islam or Atheism?” and asked what I thought. I replied “Atheism please”. He got rather aggressive and then refused to debate me because I was only an “ordinary Atheist”. WL Craig has a twin !!

Here you are Specs, this Bud's for you --

Oh, so your view is that there was some warehouse full of protons and electrons before the universe existed. Very interesting. 

Where was this supply of protons and electrons?

We don't know what was there was before the existence of protons and electrons. Possibly the so-called "strings"?

Anyway, either there was something or there was nothing at all and the universe simply sprang into existence out of a state of pure potentiality.

You aren't a proponent of the notion that the universe was created magically by a great big powerful sorcerer dude, are you?

Anyway, if the scientists who study these things and comprehend the extremely obstruse physics and mathematics involved really can only guess, why should we pay any attention to books written by people who thought the Earth was flat and didn't yet understand that poor sanitation caused disease?


The Big Bang is science's best explanation so far, but it's not written in stone. More importantly, while we study things like this, cosmology informs astrophysics, and vise-versa, and ditto with physics at the micro scale, e.g. nuclear energy, or quantum dots. You won't see religion able to transport people to the moon or Mars, or reliably curing cancer or the crippled, or at least not until science has made it more affordable.

"You won't see religion able to transport people to the moon or Mars"

But, but, but it DID transport Jesus up into the air, didn't it? Who knows how much higher he might have levitated after he disappeared into the clouds?

And what about Mohammed, flying from Mecca to Jerusalem, then up to heaven and back to Mecca on a winged horse? SURELY you're not saying THAT didn't happen!

And what about Mohammed, flying from Mecca to Jerusalem, then up to heaven and back to Mecca on a winged horse? SURELY you're not saying THAT didn't happen!

Well, I've heard that those things were written in ancient mythology, and in modern books like Religion for Dummies. But real flying for real people is only made possible by science, and civilization. Take for example, flying modern airplanes into buildings.

No, wait, that was barbarian pilots, trained by American instructors, in America. Wow, yeah, so there are thousands of planes in the sky at any moment, carrying perhaps a million people a day, yet some barbarians calling themselves Islamists figured out how to fool a country that would trust them, so that they could learn how to turn civilian technology into bombs just to kill thousands of innocent people.

Yes, they convince themselves that Mohammed would do that.

 :) <-- Mohammed face. Jesus face --> :(

The different theories all end up in mystery because up till now there has been no contact. From the void ex ept. From sky gods etc.. but that's open to question , we will leave that for later speculation etc.

Evolution is no longer a "nice hypothesis". It is a fact. It is beyond doubt that all life on Earth has evolved over time from simpler forms. All life is related.

Even Justin Bieber?  Come on!  He must be an alien.

I know Diane...sometimes I think that if I could remember where I parked my spaceship I would be out of here pronto and travel very fast in em...one direction.lol

yeah, Reg, me too.  I've got those spaceship keys around here somewhere....

Then again, when I was little I had a nightmare that Sandy Duncan kidnapped me and took me to the moon.  I didn't like it but we did have Wheat Thins to eat.  I was happy when I woke up still on this planet.  

The realm of scientific study is such that it remains a very fluid process whereby we are continually adding layers to our cake of understanding the physical world around us. This is key for religion(s) has not made any substantial contributions to man's understanding of the universe around him. Consequently the institution of religion becomes increasingly irrelevant to our evolving civilization.

I don't believe anyone has a complete grasp of how things became the way they are presently. The amount of information available to increase your own personal understanding is staggering, if not overwhelming.  


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