*************************************************************************************************************************************** quoting   the conclusion   of  " the Evolution concept "  and the beginning of all organists ;   that , some molecules and atoms combined together to  constitute   some biological  cells ( by accident ) and these cells  started  to multiply and produce different organists , and  evolution  occurred due to the " natural selection " and\or, due to the variations of the surrounding environments…. etc. It is a nice  hypothesis…., but we still have  some questions :-

1) what is  the source of  all these  ' atoms ' , (material) from which , the first cells were assembled    ??

2) if  we could move  back on the ' time line ' ,  when was the beginning of  this world  around us ?  where , the accident of  ' cell assembly '  occurred ?? and what  was  before this  beginning ??

3) if  we could move  forever  in any direction , in the universe ,  what will be at   the end ?  is it more space ? then we  still in our world. is it blocked by some material ? then what is behind …?

hoping to find logical  answers , in order to get better  understanding  to our existence..... 

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1. You can look up the answers too these questions easily. Evolution is not a hypothesis (but kudos for knowing such a "big" word) and the internet is full of information regarding the subject.

2. How do you plan on understanding the answers, posted here or elsewhere, when you clearly can't yet properly use the English language? You come and post here with the grammatical and intellectual eloquence of a drunk stumbling over his own feet face first into a puddle of puke, and expect us to do your research for you. Which leads me to my final point.

3. Fuck you.

Ah, k - as always, succinct to a fault! Somehow you manage to say what a lot of us feel.

A basic fact: a huge amount of energy in one small space is not as stable as a particle so it will transform into a particle. The details of how and why this happens is very complex (so I won't go into it) and is based on the four basic forces of the universe: Strong Nuclear, Electromagnetic, Weak Nuclear and Gravity.

So when the universe began, all that energy began forming particles. Those particles responded to the four basic forces and formed atoms. The forces acted on the atoms to eventually form huge clumps. The clumps ignited into stars. Inside the stars the small atoms fused into larger atoms. Once all the small atoms are fused into larger atoms, the star becomes unstable and explodes spreading the larger atoms out. Those atoms eventually form solar systems with planets.

To get to evolution we must jump forward to after the Earth formed. We don't know for certain how but one of the best ideas currently is that geothermal vents spewing superheated chemicals into the water made a mix of energy, chemicals and geological structures which provided cell-like places for the chemicals to combine into organic materials. As organic materials continued to be produced, eventually a self-replicating organic molecule was produced. After a self-replicating organic molecule exists, evolution proceeds quite naturally.


Please understand this is an extreme simplification of a lot of information which would be better explained by several science books. What wasn't simplified was glossed over in this very very brief account.

From what I've read, Ward, it's believed that life first began 1/2 billion years after the earth formed, i.e., 4 billion years ago, but for a full 70% of the history of life on the planet, 2.8 billion years, cells remained single, then something happened, about 1.2 billion years ago, that caused cells to begin to clump together, and only then, was evolution as we have come to know it, able to begin.

He was trying to imply a question about abiogenesis it seemed so I was addressing that only. Thus the "evolution proceeds quite naturally" to deal with the subsequent development. I didn't mean to imply it proceeded quickly or even steadily, just 'naturally'.

Here's another one for you SPECS:

Thank you for this.

No problem, Ward - I learned a few things myself.

Yes, I know, it's CBN, but the interviews are real, I hope.


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