What u Atheist believe in what will happen when u die ? what is after death ? is it game over or what ?

There is no afterlife, just death. You die, that's it ?

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You decompose 

Death is something we all understand very well. If you think rationally, you may recall that at one time you were "dead".  That is the condition you experienced before you were born. When you die, you will experience the same thing; a lack of any comprehension of existence, because none of us existed yet. 

There is nothing to fear in death because there is no experience. Death is exactly like your existence was previous to conception. There is nothing to experience.  If you think deeply about this, we all experienced billions of years in that state of nothingness, and no one is complaining. We will return to that same state at the time of death.

Everyone accidentally or intentionally kills insects.  Think about them.  Is there a heaven for fleas? An afterlife, a return to life? Not likely, right?  people are no different.

Our problem is that of intelligence.  We can think of the loss of life, and we are upset with that.  Animals cannot, and they are not concerned by the concept. Some time with intellectual and science study then sitting quietly and contemplating the time before your birth and you will realize how that time, that condition, was meaningless to you, perhaps even comfortable. You will not be upset by dying. There is no need for the false concept of a heaven that can never exist to calm your fettering brain.    

"Animals cannot [think of the loss of life], and they are not concerned by the concept."

John, is that by definition or have you some evidence?

This is interesting territory. I'm pretty sure dogs don't understand math, but I can't prove it.

Animals seem to behave in a fear-like manner sometimes, but that is a far cry from conceptualizing. Death, life, mortality...these are concepts. Fear is a state of being.

Extra sensory perception.

What do you call a boomarang that doesn't come back?

(a stick)

Death is unlike sleep. Even dreamless sleep. There is a "me" while I'm sleeping. Sleep is in a way defined by the waking up. With death, no waking up.

Your life after death is exactly like it was before you were born.  You just don't exist anymore.

Since you are religious, all actions you make, all questions you ask, re religion, are based on psychological need, and are therefore closed to evidence, proof, and reasoned arguments. And so, responding to your question is useless. If you ever find the intestinal fortitude to leave the ranks of those who would rather die than think, then perhaps we can have a discussion re afterlife. Of course, if you do leave the ranks of those who would rather die than think, the answer to your question will become obvious.

(wish I had more intestinal fortitude during my morning routine today)

I would go to a very quiet place, where theists can't find me! About time, some well deserved peace!

Why do we bother ourselves thinking of something that has no evidence..

Love yourself, be good, reconcile yourself by accepting who you are, accept reality= and then, die in peace.

If you were good, everyone will remember you, and your kids will be proud of you, that the most important thing for us as human beings..


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