What u Atheist believe in what will happen when u die ? what is after death ? is it game over or what ?

There is no afterlife, just death. You die, that's it ?

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I will be rewarded for all of my virtuous deeds with an eternal supply of candy corn.
I will also be punished for all of my misdeeds with an eternal supply of candy corn.

Also, there will be squirrels.

Oh Candy Corn, man's oldest double edged sword.

I'm presently watching a PBS presentation - a debate between theologists and atheists, entitled, "Would the World Be Better Off Without Religion?" Unfortunately for us, the debaters for the side of the theists are more polished and professional than those of the opposition, but the first atheist did make one really valid point: "Because of religion, everyone in the world is an infidel to someone."

Amazing - despite much poorer debating skills, the side opposing religion won, 59% - 33% with the remainder undecided!

The show was called, "INTELLIGENCE (symbol for 'squared,' which I can't make here)."

The body stops working, along with the phenomenon of mind that it creates.  Then, the people who remain dispose of your corpse.

Don't know. Nothing I think. Yet, and to paraphrase the great late Hitchens, I do love a good surprise! Whatever it is or is not, it is nothing to concerned about. My focus is on my life now. Thinking about things I have no control over is a waste of time. Have no fear, live in the now and just be.

Yep, you die, that's it. Game over, the end, fin, final curtain drops, etc.

In other words, you go back to being exactly like you were before you were born. Non-existent.

That's it!

Maggot poop. And I have no reason to think otherwise. Easy come, easy go.

In current Science News article, frass is insect poop. Talk of an afterlife is frass.

Thanks for the reply :)

A better question is why would you believe anything else? Because you read it in a freaking book?  Because your mommy and daddy told you so? What kind of deep fears do you have about life and death that you prefer to believe in the supernatural rather than except the fact that you're just a biological being with a limited life span? Or is it more just ego, the need to feel special among all the other animals of this planet?

With all the thousands of gods that have been worshiped over the centuries by all the different cultures, how can you freaking delude yourself to think that the one you choose to believe in really exists?

You will become what you were before you were born, nonexistent, now is that so frightening?


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