What u Atheist believe in what will happen when u die ? what is after death ? is it game over or what ?

There is no afterlife, just death. You die, that's it ?

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I'm guessing you're new. This question is asked all the time in different forms. You might try using the Search function.

After you die, you won't know it. There will be no you. I always say that "Dying is an experience. Death is not."

i see every one here has his own plans for after death
ok now if there is nothing after death
and there is only one life
what should atheist do to enjoy his one life ?

I spend my time learning another language, practicing violin, trying new foods, and trying to get a book published.

I think that is different for each person. Also, why do you base it on enjoyment?

RE: "what should atheist do to enjoy his one life ?"

Whatever he pleases, as long as he doesn't hurt himself or anyone else.

As one pleases to the extent they don't injure anyone or themselves!

To enjoy my life, I will marvel at the very fact that I am alive and CAN marvel over it, love, be loved, cry, laugh, make puns, hike up mountains because they are there, teach, learn, savor pleasant sensations, be aware of each moment, leave the world a better place somehow...

Certainly not waste my life worshiping something that doesn't exist. It's really nice not having the burden of thinking there's someone out there judging my every action. 

Marc, I'm with you on there being nothing out there doing any judging.

I have for a few years been doing some judging. I regularly tell xians that their "designer" did a poor job of designing the human body. If tooth decay isn't enough to persuade you to my point of view, then consider a condition many older men know: the prostate's enlarging and shutting off the flow of urine. Using a term I learned while in the Navy, that is one piss-poor design job.

The human body's many poorly designed features will easily support a conclusion that it just evolved from something that had itself been poorly designed.

Was the human knee designed for football? The elbow for tennis? Etc, etc, etc.

I don't have any plans for after death; I will be dead.

As for life, I try to leave my little corner of the world better for my being in it.

As for everybody else, atheists are not some strange creature, they are people...  just like all of the other people on the planet.  Personalities and interests vary, along with all of the other qualities that make people unique and individual.  Non-believers give purpose to their lives through their interests and actions, just like believers.

A dish of ice cream will improve my little corner of the world.

Exactly the same things anyone does to enjoy life, except we have more time to do it on people's sabbath days.


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