What u Atheist believe in what will happen when u die ? what is after death ? is it game over or what ?

There is no afterlife, just death. You die, that's it ?

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I believe that people all over the world will be depressed, they will make statues and monuments in my name and the day of my birth and death will be mark as national holidays in several countries. Sadly, the crisis after my death will be inevitable and civilization as we know it will reach an awful end.

Nah, not really, but wishfull thinking is always fun, well, 'cept when people start claiming is an absolut true and try to impose it to others.    


what if there was a god

It doesn't really matter what god or what religion just if there is one

@Hesham Watany

What is a god?  Even if an intelligent entity created the cosmos - that doesn't make it a god.  It may not watch us, or even care that we are here, or even know that we are here.  There is no reason to think that we might have some sort of eternal life even if there is some kind of entity that can live forever.  In fact, we have strong evidence that we do not have a 'soul' of any sort that would live on after we die.

So, what is a god?

It does matter what god or mythology. In Christian mythology, atheist are doomed to hell, even good ones but  if the scenario is a creator of the universe that don't care or intervine in the world, after-death will most definately be the old boring nothing. All posibilities can be posible if there's a god.

How can it not matter? There's a vast difference between Allah or Yahweh and Pan or Brahman.

So no matter what it is, you just hope there is SOMETHING that will make you special and immortal, even if it's just the devil.

kOrsan, using first person pronouns in place of second person pronouns is sometimes an experience, like so: So no matter what it is, I just hope there is SOMETHING that will make me special and immortal, even if it's just the devil.

This sounds suspiciously like it is leading towards Pascal's Wager...

My flesh will decay, and when our sun turns all of its hydrogen to helium and swells out to include Earth's orbit, my bones will vaporize, along with the rest of the planet, and for a time, my atoms will orbit the sun, until it collapses upon itself, blasting its outer layers, including my atoms, into space where, possibly, they will one day coalesce to become a fourth-generation star with a planetary system, and possibly, new life will arise there as well. Other than that, I have no immediate plans --

archaeopteryx, I too have no immediate plans. Toot your horn if you pass by.

I can't speak for other atheists.  Certainly there is no evidence for a soul or an afterlife so it's ashes to ashes and dust to dust or compost  - and perhaps a meal for some worms or other creatures or plants in the great circle of life :)  You only get this life so don't waste it!

Phhht! Gone. Nothing left of me but memories in other people. That's meaningful enough to me.

I couldn't believe in God or Santa Claus or pink unicorns just because I wanted to, or just because others want me to. At some point I had to grow up, and think for myself. We all realize how much religion is made up and that people usually just believe in whatever they grow up with in their local culture, right?

When people are so willing to believe in something just because people around them believe it, I think that's scary and dangerous, and proof that most people really don't know how to think for themselves, or they're afraid to. In fact some people are taught to have faith, or live in fear for the rest of their lives. What kind of faith is that, when people have to believe in something, or they'll be punished by the believers?


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