I would love to create a center in Baltimore that would attract not just atheists but all free thinkers, humanists, secular people in general. Can you give me some suggestions as to what the name of such a center could be that it would appeal to the largest demographic?


Common Secular Community Center for Reason

Center of Free Thought and Humanism

Common Atheist Community Center

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What about Community Center of Free Thought. To me it sounds like everyone is invited. If it has Atheist in it or secular it sounds to "religious" or lack there of. If you want anyone to be invited I, personally, would like to see something that is not set on one line of thought or the other. I think my husband woudl love the Boobies and Beer Community Center idea though.

FREE as a recursive acronym like GNU - GNU is Not Unix.

Can't think of anything right now, will try later.

God's House of Reason
Free Will: Think for yourself
Which sounds like a commercial line. Lol Quick, someone copywr
TLC: Truth and Logic Club.

I'd try to make it have a creative acronym as well as spell it all out plainly. An acronym which plays into the central theme (free thought I guess) would wrap it up neatly. THINK, maybe? You'd have to work backwards that way, though. Anyway, it's just a quirky thought.


I used to imagine a completely secular private school or school system where kids can go and get a K-12 education without the nonsense and peer pressure that normal public schools bring with christianity. In Louisiana, and especially in the parish(parish is another term for county in louisiana) of east baton rouge, if you want to send your child to a private school you really have no options besides the catholic schools. 


If I can ever win the lotteryl i'm going to create and fund this, I swear. Think of it, I could recruit the brightest and best secular minded teachers and staff I can find from around the world. If I could find enough sponsors to help sustain it over time once I get it started. How awesome would that be. 

The Sagan Center for Skeptical Thought
Choose any name as long as it is a not-for-prophet organization...
Not For Prophet Center. Thats an excellent name.
NFPC or NFP Center

The Library!  Bah dum bump!  Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I'll be here all night. 

Ok, for real...

The Center for Liberated Thinking

Intercommunity Free Thought Center

I think you should steer clear of "Atheist" because it is still divisive and not all humanists are atheists, nor are all free thinkers, skeptics, scientists, philosophers, etc.  They may have some but not a complete overlap of shared secular interests and values.  Also, our local atheist group enjoys a lot of informational gatherings about issues that have nothing to do with atheism or theism.  You want to draw people in and make them feel as welcome as possible, so just by looking at the name, they feel intrigued about your organization. 


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