I would love to create a center in Baltimore that would attract not just atheists but all free thinkers, humanists, secular people in general. Can you give me some suggestions as to what the name of such a center could be that it would appeal to the largest demographic?


Common Secular Community Center for Reason

Center of Free Thought and Humanism

Common Atheist Community Center

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The Center of Universal Sufficiency

The International House of NonFlakes

The Damon Fowler Society for Taking the Universe As It Is

Grab a Shovel

No More Sky Cake


The Damon Fowler Society for Taking the Universe As It Is  - i'm going to go with that one!
"No More Sky Cake" is hilarious. I almost choked on my lunch when I read that.

Boobies and Beer Community Center.



Center of Free Thought and Reason, or Stumbly Wumbly's Center of Awesomeness
Both will work!
Think Again Center

The "I'm not drinking your Kool-Aid" Society of Reason and Free Thought

"Not the Center of the Universe Center"

On a serious note, Center of Free Thought is good, no need to add "and Humanism" as some freethinkers will not be humanists, amirite? KISS principle applies.

(AOC) Atheist Only Club - no, that's stupid.


Atheist World Conversion Center - no, it would probably end up getting burned down.


(AA) Atheism is the Answer - no,  too religious sounding. One of our more virtuous stances is we do not  fear  admitting we don't have ALL the answers. 


(AA) Atheist Assholes - too tongue in cheeck.


I guess I'll go with your very first suggestion, Robert (Common Secular Community Center for Reason).



What about Community Center of Free Thought. To me it sounds like everyone is invited. If it has Atheist in it or secular it sounds to "religious" or lack there of. If you want anyone to be invited I, personally, would like to see something that is not set on one line of thought or the other. I think my husband woudl love the Boobies and Beer Community Center idea though.


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